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Tiffany Beers’ First Project at Nike? The Air Jordan 21

tiffany beers air jordan 21 cushioning

Tiffany Beers has shared some fascinating details about the cushioning in the Air Jordan 21 — it was her very first project at Nike.

While the Air Jordan 21 wouldn’t release to the public until 2006, back in 2004 the Swoosh was working out the cushioning system for the newest Air Jordan signature model. According to Tiffany Beers, former Engineering Director and Senior Innovator at Nike, it was her job to figure out the best cushioning system for the sneaker based on input from the developer.

“I did the tech pack for the airbags,” Beers wrote on Instagram. “I didn’t make full shoe tech packs until I got into the Kitchen and was responsible for the entire shoe.”

Then an Air bag designer, Beers created the interchangeable heel pod and designed both the hexagon Zoom and 2-film Air bags; according to Beers, it was the best solution to meet performance, timing, and cost goals.

This cushioning system breathed new life into the Air Jordan signature line and excited hoopers after the average performance of the Air Jordan 20 (traction was super inconsistent). Beers may share more about her work at Nike so give her a follow @TiffanyBeers.

tiffany beers air jordan 21 cushioning


Source: @TiffanyBeers

  1. One of the best performance shoes I’ve ever played in, the aj21 was my go to until I trashed them haha dope shoe

  2. “This cushioning system breathed new life into the Air Jordan signature line and excited hoopers” ??? HUH?
    Iol I honestly cant think of any NBA players that wore these in ’06 besides maybe Ray Allen and……..?
    XX1 has alwaz been a FAV of mine

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