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The WearTesters Weekender: Retro vs. Modern

WearTesters Weekender Issue 9 Retro vs. Modern

Welcome to the WearTesters Weekender: Retro vs. Modern. This week the WearTesters staff discussed whether or not retro sneakers still have a place in professional basketball today (on court). Not whether athletes wear them or not, because many athletes do wear retro Jordan silhouettes. Rather, have old school silhouettes like the Jordan retros and Reebok retros, which were very popular in the 90s when Reebok was Nike’s biggest competitor, been rendered obsolete by modern performance basketball sneakers?

Basketball sneakers like the top-tier Jordan offerings (the XX9, Kobe IX, and LeBron XII), adidas’ top-tier basketball lineup, and the Under Armour basketball lineup of heavy hitters (the Anatomix Spawn, Curry One, and ClutchFit Drive) are designed specifically for on court performance with less focus on the casual wearer. Smaller brands like Anta and Brandblack have also followed this trend by creating sneakers that are more performance oriented rather than fashion oriented (although the J. Crossover II is devilishly good looking).

The question posed to the WearTesters staff was: Is there still a practical reason, other than style, to wear an old school shoe with perhaps relatively little technology in it compared to today’s performance kicks? For example, have shoes like the Curry One and Jordan XX9 completely replaced 90s ballers like the adidas Crazy 8, Reebok Kamikaze, and the And1 Tai Chi? Or is there something those old school shoes offer that the advanced performance tools of today do not? And if the old school sneakers have been phased out, what do you think will be added to basketball shoes in the coming years to make them the most technically advanced on court performers?

Jason (Shoelander23): Retros will always have a place on the feet of hoppers. Yes, there’s nostalgia and stuntin’ involved. Don’t discount the fact that many retros utilize leathers though, which hypothetically have less break in time than the plastic material on a lot of current models. For those reasons, I don’t feel that retros will get eliminated completely from basketball courts. I will say, though, that woven materials like Flyknit and the stuff on the XX9 have so much aesthetic potential that you can get them for the looks as well as the performance. That stuff is the future.

Chris (Nightwing2303): Retro models aren’t as outdated as people make them out to be. Most of the tech used back then is still used today, especially if we are talking about Nike/ Jordan brand. I hear people say far too often that Retro models are just for lifestyle, but they were originally intended for hoops. Just because you see people rocking performance footwear as a fashion piece doesn’t mean that it isn’t a hoop shoe, you just happen to have worn the performance model off court. The Air Jordan 1, back in 1985, was heavily used as a skate shoe. Is that shoe now a skate shoe instead of a hoop shoe? No, its just a hoop shoe used as a skate shoe. If you wear your Kobe 9 Elite’s off court are they now lifestyle only? Of course not…

People will continue to go one way or the other on the subject, but its clear that the masses have misconstrued the initial intention of the product to meet their own needs. There’s nothing wrong with that either… it only becomes an issue when they are adamant that the shoe is now “this or that” instead of coming to the understanding that its a product. What you do with the product is your choice.

Would I rather play in the Air Jordan XX9 over the Air Jordan 3… yes, but that doesn’t mean the Air Jordan 3 isn’t a basketball shoe. There are some shoes that I see on-court and wonder how they play in them – Foamposites for example – but the same can be said about a newer model…like the Crazy Light (pick one, doesn’t matter which). Footwear is footwear, plain and simple. Buy what you like, wear what you like, and stop treating others like sh*t because they disagree with you. I mean…you have to realize that it’s just a pair of shoes, right?

John (SoleEngineer): I think Shoelander brings up a great point about the natural materials breaking in faster or being more comfortable out of the box than some of the fuse type uppers these days, but as he said that isn’t the case in regards to Flyknit, Primeknit, Clutchfit, and the performance wovens of today. The way I see it, retros will always have their place in basketball because of the power of signature athletes, shoes, and storylines.

But take a look at other athletes performing at the highest level in their respective sports. Do you see soccer players taking the pitch in old cleats? Track & Field athletes coming out of the blocks in spikes from 1998? Marathon runners pounding the pavement in retro runners? I know this isn’t a perfect comparison but it’s the same idea for all the high level athletes. Generally, they want the lightest, best cushioned and most comfortable there is available…with exceptions for endorsement deals and affiliations of course.

I think the draw with old school shoes is the nostalgia and I know for Nightwing, myself, and definitely other people, its the leather quality and the padding. I enjoy playing in natural materials and I think that a some older models have genuinely better Zoom units and set ups. Though retro models don’t usually offer the same cushion quality as their original model, I think it applies to cases like Luke Ridnour’s noticeable loyalty to the Kobe 5.

If I’m looking to the next five years for basketball shoes, I see Flyknit applied without the fuse backing (a la Brandblack). I see Nike coming out with a new foam compound that moves above and beyond lunar. I think that there has been an uptick in inner booties for basketball shoes with the Crusader, Lillard, M10, etc. and I think the sock-like lockdown can be expanded upon and improved for a 1 to 1 fit and lockdown….almost like compression apparel, just for footwear. I can see Brandback bringing their nitrogen gas cushioning units to their basketball line and I see good things coming from adidas with Primeknit and seeking perfection with Boost foam. Give me a couple hours of thinking and I could fathom a few other wild ideas; the future is bright.

Jarron (Jahronmon): If they were good enough from him (Jordan), they are good enough for anyone right? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean that retros are the best of the best. If you took any NBA player, and that player wore retros all season, he would come out of that season just fine. Take the same player and put him in the latest and greatest from Nike, adidas, or Under Armour next season (at the end of it) his legs might feel a little fresher. Recently, I have heard that some people think retros are a negative on court, as far as performance goes. That just isn’t the case; retros won’t physically hurt you, they just don’t offer the latest and greatest in footwear technology. I know that if I was an NBA player, I would bust out a retro every once in a while for a certain occasion, such as my first game in the United Center, or even when the team brings out the retro throwback jerseys. But coming off an injury, or a 4-in-5 nights, I might just want to go with my trusty Under Armour Curry 1’s and not the dense polyurethane midsole of the Jordan IV’s. Retros hold a certain nostalgia that becomes a part of you. These guys in the NBA now grew up watching Michael Jordan play in the IV’s, V’s, VI’s etc. so now that they are in the NBA, they want to replicate what they could only dream of doing as a kid, so they bing out the retros because: “If I could be like Mike.” Retros certainly have a place on court, but they can never offer more benefits than what the current models currently provide for these world class athletes.

Noah (TheShoeRestorer): I play the least ball of anyone on the WearTesters staff so my experience level with this question is very limited. However, I see both sides of this issue a lot more clearly since discussing it with my colleagues. I had originally thought that there was no real reason to wear a retro silhouette with the modern technology available now. There are certainly reasons to wear a retro shoe, and as Chris so aptly put, some the technology used today is not so different from that used in the 90s. Many of the styles looked better back then and I’m a sucker for real leather. However, from a professional athlete’s standpoint, wouldn’t you want to be wearing the most technologically advanced piece of equipment to reduce damage to your body? It is easier to see an argument for either option now.


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There’s a lot of really bad music out there today, especially on the radio. If you’re look for a classic hip hop record that is thought provoking, intelligent, and a really phenomenal listen, Talib Kweli’s The Beautiful Struggle should satisfy you. It was the second solo album from Kweli and it is just one hell of a record with features that include Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Jean Grae, Common, and other heavy hitters. From the beginning to the end, each song gets better and better. The latter half of The Beautiful Struggle, from “We Got the Beat” on, is one absolutely incredible track after the next. This is an album for people who want to be inspired.

The Beautiful Struggle Talib Kweli


And so concludes this week’s WearTesters Weekender. The Weekender is always a pleasure to make, as the WT staff gets together and discusses a particular issue. Where do you stand in the retro vs. modern debate? Please share your thoughts and comments below and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in next week’s Weekender!

      1. Still got the CD. Weartesters’ staff’s perspective on this topic are completely understandable. Technology, it would be good if Nike use the same quality of Zoom Units though.

  1. Nice topic! If I were still young (38 is old for balling!) I’d wear retros. Actually, when I WAS young I balled in all the retro J’s and most OGs! The modern stuff helps keep my creaky knees from swelling up! How the pros wear retros is beyond me. I always wondered how Rasheed Wallace went his NBA career wearing AF1’s. Crazy!

    Also on the topic of Retro vs Modern I gotta say the shoe I loved playing in was the Jordan Alpha 1. Old school style with modern materials! And you can still grab a pair through iD. Not sure why they haven’t attempted to do that with AJ2-6.

    1. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the subject, good to hear you’re still going out and playing the game you love. Man you’ve got me thinking again though, why don’t we have modular insoles available with Lunar, Micro G or boost so we can enjoy playing in older footwear models that may lack desirable cushioning?

  2. I’m 40 and still giving the HUF rockin, Stussy / Holister flossin, TAPERED SWEAT Pant rockin kids the business (only thrice a week knees cant go after that ha!) – YO! what’s up with Tapered Sweat pants any way – that fad needs to move on & where the hell did that come from!?! I guess when the kids wearing Skinny Jeans needed something that gives a little more you rock tapered sweats….. when it comes to retro’s I am still waiting for a hand full of shoes to hit. Adidas needs to drop the Antoine Walker Top 10 2010. And 1 needs to release the Sprewell “Gotham” line. Nike had some amazing Zoom unit trainers that were awesome for hoopin. I need to see my Nike Air Worm’s get re released!

      1. I do know. I rocked mine into 2009 until the Foam midsole simply gave up and disintegrated. I picked it apart and pulled the Air bag out of the heel, the nubuck was also shedding like Lamb shedding its coat. Wifey gave me crap why I would wear them when I had a crap load of other kix piled up and there I was weeping over an old shoe / friend – She doesn’t get it sometimes. The NDSTRCT running shoe was also my favorite. Funny thing is I tried to sell the Air Worm in pieces on Ebay but there was no interest in a deteriorated shoe, I thought someone with time on there hands would / could resurrect them but they ended up in the Blue Recycle bin 8/1/2009 – RiP Air Woms.

    1. KLO, had no idea of your age. We are close. And I have to admit, I boughttwo pair of joggers, but be damned info spend $100 (reeboks for $20, thanks Marshall’s). I agree on that Spree request – still have my Mad Games for KG I may need to take pics off before they crumble.

      1. yup,…. Outdoor hoopin wrecked my knee’s for sure. For me Air force 25’s, Huarche 09’s, Jordan 19, Lebron X, Zoom Max Hyper flight have all been a god send for my legs. Yo, you need to try the Jordan Flight Time 14.5 – that shoe plays freakin’ NICE and my Legs feel like I can keep going all night – so many purchases over the last 6 months and the 14.5 have hands down been the best purchase – I have been pretty excited about a lot of kicks lately and most recently the Lillard, your review was dead on. I’m not sure what their smoking at the Adidas campus but they are delivering some serious Busts. Even though the Lillard is selling very well – that shoe just feels floppy, I like it because it reminds me of a Jordan 4 and the Purple suede is dope, but I cant play in it and actually gave up on it. I even came up with a cheap fix for the Kankle pinch by taking an old neoprene knee sleeve, cutting it up and tucking the piece under the laces to better disperse the pressure which does correct that problem but with that floppy fore foot I just cant continue. try that 14.5 man, that Lunarlon heal and Clasic Penny 2 like forefoot Zoom unit is a Big time sleeper and on Ebay they are Cheap! – Saving $ never goes out of style..

    1. They are presently using it in a model called the Jet. It’s pretty simplistic design-wise, but the materials look really nice. Unfortunately, a price tag of $160 is pretty steep.

  3. All have valid points.
    I play with whatever makes me comfortable, last thing I want is 2-3 days to recover because of an uncomfortable show. I say use the technology advancements for their intended purpose (save our knees and and ankles from soreness), looking forward to playing with the Curry 1’s soon. As far as NBA players using retros …. I’m sure most wear because they know we are looking. I just saw One of the twins from phoenix suns play with the chrome foams! eeeek. Also, anyone notice Klay Thompson switching sneaker shoes at halftime of the game against Raptors? he went from black to white.

    1. Are the Foamposites that bad to play in? I thought they had a full length low profile zoom air unit for cushioning, so assume cushioning is good. Is it the rest of the shoe that is a sloppy fit or something? Traction not good?

  4. As far as soccer cleats go, the adidas mundial series (turf and copa versions) havent changed since they were produced first in the early 80s and they are still heavily worn by amateurs and pros. Just my 2 cents on retro soccer cleats. As far as foams go, I don’t think they are “bad” at all, just matters how much you value weight while performing

  5. Nostalgia. If you grew up wearing OG Jordans, then you know what I’m talking about. There was something magical watching MJ in his prime. Oh yeah, Camp Lo Luchini.

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