The Jordan Jumpman Pro Releases in its Own Mismatched DNA Pack

The Jordan Jumpman Pro Retro just released in a brand-new mismatched DNA inspired pack.

Paying tribute to his best days as a player, this DNA pack ties in with the recently released Jordan DNA Shorts as it points to Michael Jordan’s time at the University of North Carolina and his time as a Chicago Bull — all at once.

Initially, I thought there was a new colorway that featured a black build and UNC accents — which would have been awesome — but when I clicked on the product page it showed a Black/Red and a Black/UNC pair side-by-side. Admittedly, I was confused and thought someone in charge of imagery messed up, but after further inspection I noticed the Black/Red pair is different than the OG Black/Red pair that released in 2017.

The new Black/Red version features red font on the pull tab, red Jumpman logo on the side panel, red and black checkered TPU shank amongst a few other small changes.

It’s a bit weird seeing the Jordan Jumpman Pro beings used to showcase Jordan’s legacy, but I also think it’s cool for longtime MJ fans — especially longtime fans of the Jordan Brand and its first non-signature sneaker.

We’ve spotted the Jordan Jumpman Pro DNA available now at two online retailers for $140 if you happen to be interested. You can grab them now at Finish Line, Hibbett Sports and City Gear.


  1. why is it on a team shoe, they will use a correctly facing jumpman the way we remember it — left pair, left facing jumpman, right pair right facing jumpman — but on a signature shoe like the 11, they change it in the name of being consistent to their so-called branding guidelines? then they release a so-called special edition so we have to pay more just for them to do it the right way… sorry for the rant… sigh…

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