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The Air Jordan 33 Gets Deconstructed

We already knew what was inside the Air Jordan 33, but FastPass.cn has deconstructed a pair for your viewing pleasure.

The overall performance received from the Air Jordan 33 was solid: each category held its own but the drawback was the laceless component that may not fit everyone’s foot shape comfortably.

Easily my favorite image of these deconstructions is the simple split down the middle view that never really gets old. You can easily see what its used within each section of the shoe and how it functions.

It looks as if FastPass left the Pebax moderator plate intact for this deconstruction so you can see exactly how its implemented. Again, we’ve seen all of this before with the official unveil of the Air Jordan 33, but it’s still cool to see it again.

Zoom Air for days. While the midsole requires some breaking in, the shoe itself is extremely well cushioned. Once broken in, you can see exactly what your feet are in for, which equals lots of bouncy Zoom Air.

While I didn’t love the FastFit system, I loved the concept and implementation. The removal of the leather panel shows that all that’s keeping your foot in place is the parachute cable, nylon cables and the overlay panels. It’s very much a stripped-down design providing the wearer with only what the foot need and not much else. That is until you get inside the shoe, of course.

There’s 14mm of Zoom Air in the heel. I know there were some complaining about the size of the Zoom unit in the heel, but realistically, this was a massive unit.

The forefoot measures at 11mm, just a little thinner than the rear unit.

Even with all that cushion, you’re still only 16mm off the floor at the forefoot. While you may not feel the court under-foot, you’re still sitting low enough to have that low profile ride most guards prefer.

Ending things off is the heel thickness at 23mm. That’s roughly a 7mm drop from heel to toe. You don’t notice it while playing, which is surprising.

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing inside of the Air Jordan 33 and what makes it tick — or click. If you’ve played in the AJ33, let us know how you felt about them below in the comment section. Did they treat you well or did they get returned?

via FastPass.cn

  1. I really love what fastpass does. Its extremely educational but it also helps keep the shoe companies honest. Or at least allows us to know if they’re lying about tech being in there that ultimately isn’t. *cough* Air Jordan 15 Retro *cough*

  2. Call me a hater, but they tried to reinvent the wheel and failed spectacularly. All they did was over design the must basic of things and change a ten seconds procedure that didnt need to be changed.

  3. I tried this on on a store and it was one of the worst fitting shoes ive ever worn. More power to u if it fit u right, but it didnt for me. Im not alone here- there are several nba players that jordan would prefer to wear these this year, and they would opt for a previous jordan for thr majority of their games. Ive tried every way to “lace” it- loose, medium, and tight, and it just never got good. They arent exactly flying off shelves so maybe its a common issue.

    Also that forefoot is hard to flex. Thats something i really dislike in a shoe. Clunk city.

  4. problem with this shoe is that it has been hyped to an extent that it didn’t met the expectations of most shoe enthusiast. I’m sure a few people liked this shoe including some reviewers, promoters or paid advertisers of the shoe but it seems the general consensus so far is that it is an underwhelming product. personally I would say that this is a miss product in comparison to the Jordan 31 despite how flawed the traction is with that Jordan 31 shoe, it still got some significant amount of love mainly due to it’s aesthetics. the Jordan 33 however, despite how good the overall performance is, the aesthetics is just underwhelming and looked bad. I agree there is no perfect shoe but I must say that if a “signature sneaker” comes out atleast they could have made an effort to make it more than average than lame. the shoe reminds of the old fuse and cheap looking soldier line. the downsides of the product is that it could have used a bit more classical premium material and the implementation of the lacing system is poorly executed.

    I’m not sure if anyone has seen Puma’s version of the disc lacing system, it would make the Jordan 33’s implementation a bastardized hack.

  5. Bouncing back between this and the 32 deconstruction, and looks like the 33 is a tad lower in the forefoot (16mm vs 17.38mm). The heel is almost the same, but they cored out a lot in the 33 to fit the larger Zoom unit that it’s virtually directly under the strobel board (as “top loaded” you can ask for, I guess). The Flight Plate also has less overlap on the heel unit, as both units are shorter along the length. Some cool subtle tweaks that weren’t totally advertised. Makes the prospect of the low+laced version sound pretty interesting.

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