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The adidas Harden Vol 3 Deconstructed

adidas harden vol 3 decon-2

Does simplistic aesthetic of the adidas Harden Vol 3 carry over into its internal design? Thanks to the always-informative team over at FastPass we can find out in this latest breakdown.

Sometimes less is more, and that may possibly be the case for the adidas Harden Vol 3. Starting with the side profile, the bootie construction has been shaped into a tongue construction that hopefully adds a little more customization to the fit in the midfoot. In addition, there is ample padding around the heel that should provide some comfort around the Achilles.

adidas harden vol 3 decon-3

The Boost midsole rides at a more balanced offset that the two Harden predecessors at around 10mm with the forefoot profile running closer to the Harden Vol 1 and the heel thickness leaning towards the Vol 2. beneath the midsole, a thinner evolution of the TPU shank can be found for support in the arch and throughout.

adidas harden vol 3 decon-18
From top to bottom: adidas Harden Vol. 1, adidas Harden Vol. 2, adidas Harden Vol. 3 midsole comparison.

In case you were planning on copping the Harden Vol 3 bear in mind you should have a little more control over forefoot lockdown than forefoot band appears to give. Underneath the lacing system are nylon straps to make up the first two points of lacing on each side, so if you are able to rig them you should pretty much be able to get your preference of fit in the forefoot.

adidas harden vol 3 decon-7

Other details in the deconstruction include a look at the rubber outsole structure, an up close look at the forefoot caging and further comparisons to the Harden Vol 1 and 2. For more, check out Duke4005’s adidas Harden Vol 3 Performance Review.

What do you think about this Harden Vol 3 deconstruction? Anything you didn’t expect to see or expected to see but didn’t? Let us know what you think with a comment down below.

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Images via FastPass

  1. I now know why the vol1 felt different to vol2. That plastic arch separated the heel to the forefoot. With that setup, i felt the forefoot had mor stability.

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