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Test Shoot: The Under Armour Architech Futurist – For SoHo and the Weight Room

under armour architech futurist 5

The Under Armour Architect Futurist has moved in and out of my rotation since for several weeks now and it’s been an interesting experience.

First and foremost, performance. The Architech Futurist does exactly what it’s designed to do: it provides a stable base for lifting that is firm enough to keep you upright.

Additionally, the shoe has two closure systems — the exterior center-placed ¼ zipper and the interior speed lacing system — so you’re more than locked in fit-wise. When I wore the sneaker casually I kept the speed lacing system rather loose and simply pulled the zipper halfway up; that was enough for me to be locked in with zero shifting in the sneaker. (Fit note: go up half a size, at least.)

under armour architech futurist 13

The Architech Futurist’s standout feature, both technologically and aesthetically, may be it largest drawback. The 3D printed midsole unit, which, according to an Under Armour designer, takes one full day to print, is very firm.

Meant to provide “infinite cushioning and support,” I found that the midsole did only the latter. Under Armour said that athletes like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bryce Harper weartested this sneaker, and perhaps people of their stature can get the lattice structure to compress, but I could not. I felt no compression at the heel, and the forefoot features foam that is nearly as firm, so running in these wasn’t ideal.

Under Armour architech futurist 3

However, wearing these casually for the thrill is another story entirely. Just look at this sneaker.

Don’t let its black and white colorway fool you — the Architech Futurist is, in my opinion, one of the most bold and interesting designs ever to come from Under Armour. It is technologically sound and an entirely new aesthetic from a brand that has pushed the boundaries of what to expect in footwear.

I felt just as comfortable wearing these in the weight room to work out as I did wearing them in SoHo, the streetwear capital of the world, and wandering streets filled with the hottest trends and newest eclectic looks. There were tons of great sneakers on Broome and Mercer — dope Air Maxes and limited new adidas releases — but nobody had on anything like the Architech Futurist.

under armour architech futurist 14

And that may be why I enjoyed my time in the Architech Futurist. The fit won’t be for everyone, and it’s firm underfoot — it is a performance tool in every way. And yet, it offers a unique and bold look that I haven’t experienced in any other sneaker.

If you’ve been wearing the Architech Futurist lately and are having a different experience, drop a comment down below or use the #WearTesters on socials. We’d love to hear from you.

You can check out Duke4005’s Under Armour Architech performance review for more information.

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Under Armour architech futurist 1

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under armour architech futurist 5


Special thanks to Under Armour.
Photography by Noah Goldowitz and Katherine Stoutenburgh. All rights reserved.
Exclusively for WearTesters.

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