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Test Shoot: The 1-of-25 UBIQ x Brandblack DJX Trainer

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 1
Photo by Noah Goldowitz

When UBIQ and Brandblack got together for this extremely limited colorway of DeSean Jackson’s signature trainer, I knew it had to be mine. For the latest Test Shoot segment, I present the UBIQ x Brandblack DJX Trainer. The Internets had gotten a peek at this Burgundy colorway months before it released and I was waiting for it because I love Burgundy. Then, it was announced that only 25 pairs would be released exclusively at UBIQ Georgetown. On January 18, UBIQ hosted a meet and greet with the wide receiver for the launch of his Redskins-inspired sneaker.


ubiq brandblack djx trainer 39

Now, WearTesters has a detailed and on-foot look at the 1-of-25 UBIQ x Brandblack DJX Trainer. It is no secret that I absolutely love this sneaker. Say what you will about how it looks with jeans, but I don’t do joggers.

For the past five days I have not been able to take these off my feet — the Brandblack DJX Trainer has booted all of my Boost-equipped runners out of my rotation because it’s so damn comfortable. Moreover, the shoe just fits my foot-shape perfectly — these are wide-footer friendly!

With all that love, I haven’t babied these. Brandblack products are designed to look good winning. Thus, I’ve put about three running miles on these so far, plus some dirty training. Thankfully, there’s no need to white-glove these because the integrated unibody sock and lace upper is constructed of cast urethane that cleans up pretty easy.

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 7

The supremely comfortable Jetlon midsole has made these a pleasure to wear anywhere and everywhere. Additionally, the heel design is sculpted perfectly to lock you right in, a lot like Under Armour’s SpeedForm (which my weird heels never fit quite right in).

I will be picking up more colorways of the Brandblack DJX Trainer and I’m mad I held out this long because I simply didn’t know what I was missing. The DJX Trainer has just been released in two new colorways and it retails for $90. I dare you to find a trainer at $90 that aces technology and aesthetics like this one.

Have you spent some time in the Brandblack DJX Trainer? If so, leave your experience in the comments below.

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ubiq brandblack djx trainer 4

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 5

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 2

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 6

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 3

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 1

ubiq brandblack djx trainer box

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 11

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 8

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 18

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 17

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 20

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 19

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 16

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 15

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 13

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 12

ubiq brandblack djx trainer 14



Photography and art direction by Noah Goldowitz. Most rights reserved.

  1. Love the color. The midsole is the same from the Force Vector trainer, but if it works, don’t change it. I love the djx upper, though worry my high instep would keep me from getting the shoe on.

    I love Brandblack. When it comes to athletic shoes, they are number one on my list. Love my JC2 low in gray, as well as the August in white. As other shoes wear out, they will be replaced with BB. If only they made dedicated running shoes, though that is a tough niche to break into, especially as it is already flooded with options.

    For me, at 6’4″, 205lbs and 38 years old, Jetlon is number 1, followed by Micro G. Boost just didn’t work for me, I can’t describe why.

    Glad you were able to grab a pair of these, even happier you actually use them and they aren’t sitting on a shelf.

    1. I am witnessing the same phenomenon in my rotation — as I wear kicks out or retire them, BB options are replacing the outgoing kicks. Same thing with a lot of my clothing. I don’t know if BB will ever do a running-only shoe, but the DJX is pretty close. I put some miles on it and besides for sitting a bit high, it’s great.
      Jetlon and Micro G are heavy hitters, can’t complain with that top two. These won’t be sitting on a shelf — although I am kind of pissed DeSean Jackson reposted my pics without crediting me. Next time I will watermark.

      1. Definitely watermark next time, then offer to sell him the images…

        For an exorbitant price of course.

        Can’t wait for a performance review. Brandblack is proof that a phenomenal shoe doesn’t require an astronomical price. Can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next.

    2. they do remind me of force vector trainers but they do look updated. they look decent to be honest. I didn’t quite like the other shoes that BB is coming up recently but these look ok.

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