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Tesh Sports Basketball Products Are Now Available

The new kid on the block.

Tesh Sports is a Bay Area company that is entering the basketball performance industry with three new silhouettes. The Trigger, Trooper, and Terrestrial. They all have unique designs that are definitely eye catching.

Each silhouette uses their Kinetic Lift midsole tech that is said to provide a “parachute-soft landing” as well as their LMT Flex Channel outsole that creates smoother lateral motion. Each model is packed with tech at an affordable price (all under $100). Tesh Sports may be the new go-to price friendly basketball sneaker company — we will find out soon enough as performance reviews are on the horizon.

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Tesh Sports Terrestrial $79.99

Terestrial_BlackBolt_3qtr_e-commerce Terestrial_Black&Gray_Profile_e-commerce Terestrial_BlackGray_3qtr_e-commerce Terestrial_BlackGray_Front_e-commerce Terestrial_BlackGray_InsideProfile_e-commerce Terestrial_BlackGray_Top_e-commerce Terestrial_BlackGray_Back_e-commerce Terestrial_BlackGray_Bottom_e-commerce

Tesh Sports Trigger $99.99

Trigger_Black_3qtr_e-commerce23 Trigger_White_3qtr_e-commerce Trigger_Blue_3qtr_e-commerce Trigger_Blue_Profile_e-commerce Trigger_Blue_Front_e-commerce Trigger_Blue_InsideProfile_e-commerce Trigger_Blue_Top9_e-commerce Trigger_Blue_Back_e-commerce Trigger_Blue_Bottom_e-commerce

Tesh Sports Trooper $89.99

Trooper_Gray_3qtr_e-commerce. Trooper_White_3qtr_e-commerce Trooper_Black_3qtr_e-commerce1 Trooper_Black_Profile_e-commerce Trooper_Black_Front_e-commerce Trooper_Black_InsideProfile_e-commerce Trooper_Black_Top_e-commerce Trooper_Black_Back_e-commerce Trooper_Black_Bottom_e-commerce

  1. Will there be a performance review? I am really curious, because they look like the first clutchfit drive in someway…. minus the clutchfit materian.

  2. these actually interest me. you’ll never know when the next big thing might be. looking forward to the performance review.

  3. If their basketball shoes are anything like their trainers, you might need to order a full size down. Other than that, TESH’s products are pretty solid, especially for those who need a wide toe box without sacrificing toe length. Ordering today…..

    1. The low hoop shoes fit TTS and the two higher cut models are definitely a 1/2 Sz big. I agree with you completely. This is a shoe for wide footers without needing to size up or down.

  4. These look interesting, they look like they maybe good performance models for a reasonable price. Im just wonder how good is the cushion.

  5. def my style on the triggers…hopefully a good performance review and can pick up a pair as backups….as i order my curry 2 professionals

  6. I’ve recieved my pair of the terrestrials today and guys I’m telling you, these things are amazing. Especially for that price range.

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