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Take a Look at the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 Trio

We’ve seen images of all three of the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 collection, but I don’t recall seeing all three of them together. Today we get a first look at the trio together, the hypebeast holy grail of 2015. Are you going to go after the Black, White, or Desert Camo colorway? All three? Well, good luck, because unless you have some major plug or a good amount of money to spend it will most likely be nearly impossible for the average consumer. We don’t have a release date yet but stay tuned to WearTesters for the date when we find out.

supreme-jordan-5-full-set-1 supreme-jordan-5-full-set-3


  1. I like the camo ones the best but the black ones are dope too, and the whites are pretty much are the same exact pair that came out earlier this year

  2. What a trip. I remember years back rolling to the kibitz room for a krunk afternoon and saw the shops on fair fax flipped and no wonder since melrose basically fell off with the last store standing was FAT BEATS and they were up stairs out of site. I saw supreme, Diamond, to die for and the barber shop moving CONART gear (which I was geeked about) then later 100’s around the corner and now supreme is on Jordan’s – and supreme has become this elitist street fashion brand. Pink doli across the street and that donut brand making moves to, fairfax is making a serious move on melrose shops – I just wish turntable lab didn’t have to go under. Ahhhh memories.

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