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Survey: What is the Perfect Performance Basketball Shoe?

UPDATE: The survey is closed.

We want to hear from all of the ballers out: what do you want in a perfect performance basketball sneaker?

We compiled a survey to gauge your thoughts, allowing you to rank performance features based on importance. We also ask you to list a few of your favorite basketball shoes to see how each compares to what you want.

Click HERE to take the survey (which should take less than 10 minutes) and we’ll update you on the interesting things we see from your answers.

After taking the survey, speculate in the comments below on what you think will be the shoe that the WearTesters community votes as the best performance sneaker of all-time.

  1. Out of my top 3 shoes 1. Nike Zoom Lebron 8 P.S. 2. Nike Hyperdunk 2010 3. Nike KD 7 I think none of them will make it to be the top performer on Wear Testers. I believe that the Jordan XX9 or Jordan XX8 will be the shoe that will be the top performer. Plush cushioning, soft uppers and great traction is what I think will determine the winning shoe which both the Jordan XX8 and XX9 excel in. The Jcrossover 2 could also come into play as but its lack of an outstanding cushion set up (Such as Unlocked Zoom, Boost or Micro G) will keep it away from the top spot. This is an awesome thing you guys are doing! Thanks Wear Testers!

    1. The hyperdunk 2010 was my pick for best of all time. It had the best cushion I’ve ever experienced. Sure the fit and ventilation weren’t as good as other models, but it got the job done. As a big man, cushion and traction are all I need. I don’t need any fancy wovens or anything (though I can appreciate them) so fuse works great for me!

  2. I really want to take the survey, but it is extremely hard for me to rank 3 individually. I have 5 or 6 that come up as ties. May try and make some hard decisions…

  3. I feel like I’ll be the only one who would say the Melo M9 would be one of the greatest lol. The comfort and support is unreal in those babies. If only they were easier on the eyes

    1. I think you’d be surprised how many sleeper picks will be at the top of peoples lists. There are a lot of well-rounded models out there that are favorites to some that may not stand out as something like the XX8 or whatever. My fave list has a couple that probably will shock some haha

      I haven’t tried the M9 but have heard nothing but great stuff

    2. Melo 9’s were (are) a great shoe! Not enough to crack my top 3, as I think it’s suited more for a combo forward, but I couldn’t fault it for what it was trying to achieve.

    3. I think the M9’s were ok, but everyone’s different. For me they lacked something, I never got the try either of the M8 models but remember reading they were a good shoe. Kinda like the Lebron X’s, enjoyed playing in them, but now can’t, as they feel too bulky.

  4. Lebron 10 is my favorite hoop shoe. Combine that and the Kobe 9 Elite, oh boy. I’d pay $300 for that no joke

  5. Kobe IX will be in the mix…just loved that shoe (Just finished the survey), Jordan XX8, and XX9 will be in the mix too…

  6. the 28 SE far away is #1 when talking playability, Traction/Cushion are unbeatable. Problem is every pair I’ve owned (3) had either the sole around the Zoom Bag tear or Zoom bag pop within 2 months.

    Melo M11’s are my # 2 and I’ve been playing with the same pair indoors for 5+ Months w/ little durability issues.

  7. I went with the Kobe V (even tho the durability sucked), the Air Jordan XVIII (that full length Zoom was so perfectly bouncy) and the Huarache 2k5.

  8. Did the survey and

    Wow there’s 14 factors to consider or rank,

    Hope you can add courtfeel for guards like me,

    Top 3 – D Rose 3, Clutchfit Drive 1, Crazyquick 1

  9. That’s a typo up there, it should be D Rose 6 and not 3, Boost is the Best!!!!!

    Wish we had an edit button for frequent people like me.

  10. My personal favorite of all time is the original UA clutchfit Drive. The attributes I care most about are (in order): 1. Traction, 2 Heel to Toe Transition, 3. Fit, 4. Cushion.
    No offense to anyone, but personally I hated Air Jordan xx9, and Kobe 9 elite, just simply because of the clunky feeling on heel strike.
    And my dream shoe would be a pair of UA clutchfit drive with Lebron soldier 9 traction, with the clutchfit material hollowed in some area for some breathe-ability, and maybe optionally large volume zoom/unlocked zoom in the forefoot. Lol, I know I am asking too much, but I do feel we are getting close to perfect balling shoes as the tech evolves.

  11. I just took the survey. I love the Kobe 9 Elite High (I replaced the midsole with the LBJ 11 midsole). Best traction EVER. Super plush cushioning. Support on fleek.

    My number two would be the Jordan XX8 SE. Everything was amazing. Just the outsole durability was pretty bad. The rubber by the zoom bag would rip. The zoom bags were still great, just the rubber would rip by that area. The original Clutchfit Drives (preferably lows) take the cake for my third best. Great traction/cushion and fit is great.

  12. Is Weartesters going to release any of the results from the survey? If so, is there a timetable yet on when we may see them?

  13. Im one of the few who actually likes the original adidas crazylight boost. I dunno man, i just get my A games at it.

  14. Total waste of my time taking that survey. Got linked into a signup survey site. smh! NOT HAPPY AT ALL! With all the survey sites, yall pick one with results coming soon I assume. I was hoping to see what shoes would be best for as a new rec basketball fan.

  15. Not for me, but i think the brand should be in the factors part. Not necessarily a sig shoe, like what’s in the survey. Similar though, but not quite.

  16. I think you should do this surgery annual from your fans and readers.

    Like survey what was the best performance shoe for the year 2015 , 2016 etc etc. And we readers, give our full opinion. On why we chose the shoe

  17. From the shoes i have played in, mine is the either the BrandBlack force vector premiums or the Jordan superfly 2 PO. Amazing all around shoes.

  18. Took the survey and some of my most enjoyable but not my top 3 go all the way back to my high school days. Nike Shox Status, Nike Huarache 2K5, and the original Nike Hyperdunk. And since then it has been about traction! But my top 3 are all in the kobe line. Kobe XI, Kobe X elite low/high, and Kobe IX elite low. The traction for both the 10 and 11 took some break in time but once they did break in I’ve come to enjoy the shoes more and more. I do have to wipe on dusty courts sometimes but wiping is not a big deal to me. Not a Kobe head or Laker fan by any means, just putting that out there lol. All about my Spurs! I just feel like this line suits my needs on the court as a quick guard. Lightweight, great lockdown/fit, and great traction! I have Curry 1s, XX9s, retro Js, and KD/LeBrons but for ME, the Kobe line takes the cake! Still need to try out those WOW 4s and Lillard 2s! Man I love bball shoes haha!

  19. Adidas D Rose 6, for sure!
    Cushion is awesome and upper comfort is top notch, I own three version with three different uppers (Sprintskin, Mesh and Primeknit).
    At the end of game, I haven’t any type of joint soreness! Awesome!

  20. I said XX8 SE for me as well. All the features it has its price seems like a steal when compare to what brand provides now. Like others have said, if there was an edit button, I should noted the third iteration of the Hyperdunk for similar reasons.
    Regardless, thanks Weartesters for having the survey up.

  21. Taking surveys among readers is a great idea, it is something this website was missing imo. I can’t wait to see the results.

    My top 3:
    Hyperdunk 2013
    K1X Anti Gravity
    Melo M9

    All three are hideous looking IMO but perform great and fit my foot nicely, I even bought a second pair of K1X when I saw them for half off a few months ago.

  22. i really wanted to put the xx9 low as my number 1 shoe, but the zoom unit in my right shoe popped after a couple wears.

  23. 1. Anatomix Spawn – best court feel ever for me. Micro G is the best. First generation with the mesh toebox though so they only lasted a year, only flaw in a great shoe.
    2. Hyperdunk 2011 – Flawless shoe with full length zoom. Stashing some pairs for the future lol.
    3. Clutchfit Drive – Perfect fit, micro G and incredibly durable. Love em’.
    4. Lillard 2 – Just started playing in them but great initial impression for sure.
    5. Melo M9 – Lukewarm on these at first but have lasted years of playing outdoors. Well made, very durable and great value for what you can find them at now. Performance a notch below the other however.
    6. KD3 – Great lockdown, court feel and stability for a lower cut shoe. For their time and price, an all timer. All star colourway in the running for best looking shoe ever made in my opinion as well.

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