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Stance Socks Now The Official Socks of The NBA

Stance Socks has inked a deal to become the exclusive sock provider of the NBA. Yeah, the sock game is that serious.

Stance actually puts out some really awesome performance socks, I prefer wearing them to most of my other socks with the exception of the original Nike Elite’s. But with the design/ colors/ printed thing being more popular than ever on socks, it makes sense that the NBA takes advantage of this to get more people wearing NBA branded clothing… from head to toe.

Because the league considers the sock an accessory and not part of the uniform, even though players are required to wear them, the NBA is allowing Stance to have its logo on the socks just like Spalding has its logo on the basketball. Adidas does not have its logo on game uniforms. – Darren Rovell

If you wanted to read some more interesting things on the company then check out the full write-up by Darren Rovell – here – and feel free to leave your thoughts on the partnership below in the comment section.

  1. I think it’s great I’ll start buying pairs if they’re a reasonable price, isn’t nike supposed to start making the nba jerseys?

    1. I think that’s still in 2017 tho, a d Nike and the league still have some things to iron out(like whether Nike can place its logo or not etc)

      1. Would be cool though if nike/jordan can do the uniforms with the elite material and etc they should put the logo on the inside though if they’re not allowed to put it on the jersey itself. Still hoping for a ua deal though

  2. I just can’t see everyone being on board with colorful socks, like Kobe for example. Also, do they only make long socks?

    1. His shoes are pretty colorful so I think it’ll be fine. Plus its going to be mandatory so they won’t have a choice. They make crew, quarter, no show, and ultra low socks.

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