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SPRYNG Active Compression Review

SPRYNG Active Compression has become nearly a daily part of my life over the past few months. Whether my days include heavy exercise on the basketball court or barely any activity while sitting at a desk all day, active calf compression has proven to be beneficial. Here are my thoughts on the pair of SPRYNG Active Compression wraps I tested.

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SPRYNG serves the purpose of active compression in the calf region — a muscle that pumps blood to the deeper vein found in the lower leg. The more blood circulation, the better chances of muscle recovery after intense exercise.

For someone who spends time behind a computer screen daily (remotely, for just under two years in a pandemic, I might add), sitting down for long periods of time can be somewhat harmful regarding blood circulation to the lower legs. Given genetics and other factors, this is somewhat of major concern for me. Add in the fact I often alternate between losing circulation from desk-sitting and jumping into high-intensity exercise like basketball, and SPRYNG’s active compression seemed like something reasonable to try out. At worst, it would do nothing. Best case it could really help.

Two options exist as far as compression goes — Graduated and Pulsatile. Each is color-coded to help tell which has been selected and you have three different levels of compression to choose from for each. Of the two, Pulsatile has been my favorite type of compression, but I must admit I do like to spend an additional 15 minutes and spread a half-hour between both on the majority of days I used the wraps.

SPRYNG Active Compression Pros


  • Portable active compression in nearly any environment, wearability with shorts or over pants.
  • Affordability in comparison to other active compression units.
  • Multiple compression levels and types.
  • Wireless with 2.5 hours of continuous usage.
  • Effectiveness with just 15 minutes of usage.
  • Ability to sync right and left leg within proper proximity.
  • Free extenders for consumers with higher calf circumference.
  • Optional SPRYNG KNUCKLES inner layer add-on for enhanced deep tissue massage experience.
SPRYNG Active Compression Cons


  • No coverage above calf.
  • Takes work to adjust both legs to same tightness.
  •  Both legs may or may not stay in perfect sync.
  • Possibility of ocassional timeout prior to 15 minutes.
SPRYNG Active Compression Overall

SPRYNG Active Compression Overall

I could get into all of the technical stuff behind SPRYNG, like the patent-pending Wave-Tech compression and what not…but truthfully, from an everyday perspective, I honestly feel like this product was perfect for me and my consumer use case.

Typing and clicking away for the day job at home, using SPRYNG is efficient. Wrapping up in a pair after cooling down from a hoop session is efficient. Wrapping up to drive and go pick the little ones up from school is efficient. Even a pending return to a co-located work environment — I can confidently sit in my office knowing SPRYNG will be efficient for circulation and much-needed muscle recovery.

As an added bonus of using SPRYNG, for someone who has dealt with painful shin-splints from playing basketball on and off over the last two years, I have dealt with significantly less shin issues. I credit my use of SPRYNG due to the relationship between when my shin issues began declining and when I started using calf compression. Even if you don’t play basketball or don’t often deal with things like shin splints, there’s a benefit to using this product for both active and not-always-so-active lifestyles.

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Thanks to SPRYNG for sending an Active Compression pair for testing. SPRYNG was not given any editorial control of this review. SPRYNG compression wraps were included on our list of the top pickleball gifts in 2023.

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