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Spalding Spyclone – First Look

Spalding Spyclone - First Look 1

Check out the latest Spalding basketball shoe offering in five different colorways below. In addition to these images, Spalding has released a promotional video seen below, which is meant for Japanese viewers. The shoe itself features a well-ventilated synthetic upper, with a reinforced toecap that provides stylistic contrast to the predominant color of each shoe.

No word on a U.S. release date on these, although you can expect a price point of around $130 (equivalent to 13,500 yen.) What do you think of the Spalding Spyclone? Let us know in the comments below. How well do you think these will perform on court?

Spalding Spyclone - First Look 2 Spalding Spyclone - First Look 6 Spalding Spyclone - First Look 10 Spalding Spyclone - First Look 13 Spalding Spyclone - First Look 14 Spalding Spyclone - First Look 3 Spalding Spyclone - First Look 4 Spalding Spyclone - First Look 5


  1. These look good but they resemble the adidas adizero shadow too much.. And at that pricepoint yeesh

  2. These look good but they resemble the adidas adizero shadow a little bit too much but at that price point yeesh

  3. There better be a real compelling reason for these to cost 130 USD? For the same money you can get top performing Nike, Adidas shoes and anything UA sells.

    Hyper Rev? Crazy Light/Quick?

  4. lol. Wow. I think someone accidentally added a 1 to the price. I don’t know what Spalding is smoking… but I think its time to put down the crackpipe.

    Coming soon to a Payless or Target store for probably $30

  5. The pricing is correct. The website where I get my Asics Basketball shoes from also has Spalding Basketball shoes for sale and the prices are between $100-$130USD. Usually they are closer to the $130 range.

    Not sure why Spalding Basketball shoes are so expensive, as I thought they were a brand that has cheaper models. I don’t really know much about them, so that’s why I never really thought about buying a pair.

    Is there anyone here that wears Spalding shoes? Anyone from Japan? If there is, would you guys recommend I try out a pair of Spalding Basketball shoes, or are they a waste of money? I much prefer Asics if the prices are similar, so I never really bothered with Spalding.

    Also, while we’re on the subject, does anyone in Japan have, or has seen in person, the Asics Naked EG01 models? It’s pretty much the only one I can’t find for sale on Rakuten. Is it hard to get? They now have a new model on the website listed as the EG02, which looks really nice, and also two new colorways of the EG01, but listed as ‘Naked EG01 US’. I wonder if the “US” bit in the title means it’s going to be released in the US?

    Another weird thing about the EG01 models, they seem to be the most expensive, but they also seem to have less tech than than Asics’ other top models such as the GelBurst RS2. That doesn’t make sense to me. Just by looking at the specs only, they have less tech, but they are their most expensive performance model? I assume they’re supposed to be a lightweight minimalist type of shoe? Hence the name ‘Naked’ being used. Can anyone enlighten me on them?

  6. damn that commercial is cheesy. makes you laugh tho. the first CW doesnt look half bad. sounds like he says SPOLE-DING at the end. never heard it pronounced like that

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