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Spalding Point Forward


Spalding is going to be doing a lot more with their performance footwear division in 2014 and it will start with the Point Forward.

Utilizing the D30 Pulse Technology – a really awesome foam cushion system – the Point Forward should respond to each step you take without delay. These are said to be starting at the $120 price point but Spalding also plans to release other sneakers to the market with a price range between $80-120 which is something to look forward to.

If you’d like to know even more information then head over to Sole Collector for the latest information.

  1. odd looking but still interested. love to see new options outside the top couple brands. sole looks overbuilt, like it will be high off the ground. I hope that isnt the case. unfortunately like everything else probably will be virtually impossible to find outside of asia bc thats where the market is these days

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