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A Sneak Peek at Three adidas Rose 8 Colorways

adidas d rose 8 3 copy

Knicks fans will be happy to know that one Rose 8 build is still coming in blue and orange.

As we’ve seen on plenty of adidas signature models, the Rose 8 will come outfitted in several different builds that showcase different material applications on the upper. The ‘Knicks’ colorway uses what appears to be a jacquard knit while the black/gold and green/teal features fuse and open mesh. (The images here are adidas.com product images.)

According to US 11, the D Rose 8 is scheduled to drop on October 28, about three weeks after the adidas Dame 4 and about a week after the start of the 2017-2018 NBA regular season.

We’ve still got a ways to go before the Rose 8 releases but it shouldn’t belong before we see Derrick Rose hit the hardwood in it. Thoughts on the shoe so far? Sound off below.

adidas d rose 8 knicks 1

adidas d rose 8 2

adidas d rose 8 3



Images via US11

  1. What happened to the Rose line? It looks like they’ve departed from the innovative designs that the Rose line has been known for. This design looks so much more fitting for a CrazyLight or something similar. The Rose 4, 5, 6, 7 all showed signs of Adidas experimenting, refining, and perfecting their Boost implementation on their basketball shoes. This latest one looks like they got lazy or just gave up. No layering, color blocking looks basic, materials are basic, etc. And I hope the medial side has the Boost wide open unlike the lateral side where the forefoot side of the boost midsole looks fully caged (remember the Drose 5?).I hope they’re not thinking of charging the same as the Drose 7 for this. It seems that Adidas is just not as invested in Drose anymore.

  2. I’m not crazy about these. I have purchased every shoe from the DRose line since the 1 (not every color though), but this might be the first one I pass on.

  3. I agree that these look pretty meh, but I’ll still probably pick ‘me up. The D Roses always seem to work well for me. Good cushion and stability, and the traction seems to always be anywhere from good to great. Adidas hit it outta the park with the 7, and this shoe looks like it’ll perform similarly.

  4. Doesn’t look comfy, even though there’s a huge slab of boost. The upper seems to be heavily fused,which is a shame. Wonder if they’re gonna release a primeknit version.

  5. I think these are fire. Yes…more streamlined and basic than past models but colorways are dope. Smooth lines. Overall a great play on his line IMO.

  6. I’m really disappointed, for some reason adidas won’t release a neutral-ride Boost basketball shoe, they all have that (for me, foot breaking) forced-pronation(an outrigger that pushes your foot inward), this is the anti-FYW/PureMotion setup, I mean come on?!?!

    Secondly, this is yet another example of a team-shoe, posing as Signature-design, the sole is basically a tweaked CLB, and the uppers are 773, rather than Sig-Rose.

    1. I’m also disappointed and bad decisions on adidas part. You signed Rose to a long term deal and you are still paying him so why can’t you at least pay a design team or person to come up with a nice silhouette on top of boost. It doesn’t need the newest tech but at least make the shoe look like a signature. You dont even have to market the shoes with tours and commercials because ppl who buy basketball sneakers will know about the Rose line. Plus Rose is playing with LBJ.. that’s more than enough exposure. But this shoe is ugly and not even worth wasting boost material. The Rose 7 was a beautiful shoe on and off-court wear so they should have just kept the silhouette and tweaked it.

  7. I’ve seen these and more like a budget model than a Sig. These are ok for the price like 100. But then still miles better compared to Nike or jb Sig models costing an arm

  8. Loved the rose line
    But it’s obvious Adidas is ready to move on esp after off court as well as on court issues.

  9. The way the collar curves reminds me of some 90’s bball shoes, but of course the lace runs through that cable loop thingy vs. traditional eyelet. Not sure if that’s another attempt at he D.Rose line experimenting again with lacing.

    The 6 had a hidden eyelet pair/loops at the ankle which kinda made the shoe wear like a low. The 7 had loops at the top hidden behind the overlay — and that seems similar to this apart from the overlay. Both of those examples allowed for super tight lacing at their respective points.

    I hope there’s a more premium version of this shoe to change my mind on aesthetic, but no surprise if Adidas is transitioning towards moving on. The Rose line transitioned into a supportive option with the 6 and 7, but given how much players liked the more minimal CE 16, and the 17 was essentially tweaked for more support, the Rose line isn’t offering anything anymore. As it is, the CL 17 may not come to the US, since the CE low is taking off as well as the Harden.

    I mean sheesh, it could be the case that Adidas is pitted with having too many….good shoes.

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