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Serious Player Only Ranger 1: The Cybertruck Basketball Shoe

Serious Player Only Ranger 1

The Serious Player Only Ranger 1 is a new, completely original performance basketball shoe and it’s a tank of a shoe, but how will it perform on court?

Release Date: 2024

Price: $190

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Serious Player Only produced several, excellent performance models in recent years. Some of the basketball shoes have been heavily inspired by Kobe’s signature line with Nike. The Ranger 1 is a completely new and original design, and it’s a wild one.

The Ranger 1 is bold, to say the least. This shoe is supposed to function both as an off-court shoe and an on-court performance model. So, not only does the Ranger 1 have a unique look and quality materials, it’s also packed to the gills with performance features. Let’s dive into the review and see how they perform on court.

Serious Player Only Ranger 1 Performance Review

Serious Player Only Ranger 1 Traction

The outsole of the SPO Ranger is inspired by tire treads, featuring Chevron-like patterns that provide excellent multi-directional coverage on court. The rubber compound itself used to build the sole has been expressly developed to be lightweight and super durable. As you might have guessed, the Ranger 1 (in terms of traction) will be an excellent outdoor option and will also work well indoors.

The tread is textured which should provide extra bite on indoor surfaces, and the space between the lines of the traction pattern is wide enough that dust should be a non-issue. Also, the design allows for significant flexibility which could have been an issue with such a substantial outsole configuration. Serious Player Only has created some of the best traction setups in recent years, and the Ranger 1 promises to be another performance model with great grip.

Serious Player Only Ranger 1 Cushioning

As with all Serious Player Only shoes, the Ranger 1 is equipped with a drop-in midsole, but also features a lightweight EVA carrier for an extra layer of cushioning underfoot. The drop-in midsole that the Ranger 1 comes with is SPO’s Explosive midsole. This setup provides significant comfort and support and feels plush and bouncy underfoot. It’s SPO’s most highly cushioned drop-in option.

The drop-in midsole is built with supercritical foam, designed for maximum cushioning. If you’re looking for a different ride on court you can always swap the drop-in midsole for any of the other drop-in options SPO offers based on your on court preferences. All of their midsoles are completely interchangeable. You can always customize your ride with SPO shoes.

Serious Player Only Ranger 1 Materials

The materials used on the Ranger 1 might be the shoe’s best feature. The upper materials are predominantly suede, offering a premium and nostalgic feel. This suede construction might be less breathable and slightly heavier than modern textile builds, but it’s way more durable and, simply put, feels much better in hand.

The tongue features an open mesh for ventilation, while synthetic panels on the toe provide additional protection and containment. All in all, this setup will work great on court in terms of all-around support and containment. This type of build quality emphasizes durability in this tank of a basketball shoe and provides a retro aesthetic reminiscent of 90s basketball shoes.

Serious Player Only Ranger 1 Support

This is clearly the best and most distinctive quality of the Ranger 1. The Ranger 1 is equipped with a giant midfoot outrigger designed to help prevent ankle rolls. This is the first performance basketball shoe we’ve ever seen with something like this. It’s a cool concept, but we will have to see if it actually works. The Ranger is also equipped with a full-length, fork-shaped TPU torsional plate.

This will provide all the torsional rigidity you could need on court, as well as a snappy spring plate effect underfoot as you move on court. It’s on the beefier side so it will take time to break in, and if you prefer more of a minimal torsional setup, this might not be the best shoe for you (check out the Player 1 Plus if that’s what you’re looking for). The wide and stable base further contributes to the shoe’s support features. The Ranger 1 also features an internal heel counter, and, as we have mentioned, the upper will provide great lockdown and support.

Serious Player Only Ranger 1 Fit

The SPO Ranger fits true to size, offering a more relaxed fit compared to previous models like the Player 1 Plus. The lacing system is comprehensive, extending all the way down to the toe area with a mix of nylon cables and traditional eyelets, ensuring a secure lockdown. Go with whatever size you usually use and you’ should ‘ll be good to go.

Serious Player Only Ranger 1 Overall

The SPO Ranger 1 will be a very versatile shoe, which theoretically is intended for both on-court performance and off-court fashion, bridging the gap between athletic and lifestyle footwear. The SPO Ranger clearly stands out for its innovative design and dual-purpose functionality. It packs substantial cushioning, durable traction, and beefy support features.

The use of premium materials and the ability to customize the midsole add to its versatility and all-around appeal. The Ranger 1 excels in terms of traction and cushioning alongside a unique and supportive design with top-notch materials. The Ranger 1 will take some time to break in and won’t be the most well-ventilated shoe on the market, but it should prove to be a great performance model.

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