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Detailed Look and Review of Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand ZO2.19

On Wednesday, the Big Baller Brand unveiled Lonzo Ball’s ZO2.19 and we’re fortunate enough have had a pair delivered for a review.

When you compare the newest ZO2.19 to the previous ZO2 Prime Remix the differences are pretty interesting.

You can tell the original model seemed rushed and pushed into production whereas the newest model feels like it went through the proper design and testing stages performance models generally go through. We’ve got you covered with our detailed look and brief review of the BBB ZO2.19 above.

If you were interested in pre-ordering a pair yourself you can do so now at BigBallerBrand.com but the $200 sneaker won’t start shipping until February 2019.

Share your thoughts on the BBB ZO2.19 below and stay tuned for the performance review in the future.

  1. Preorders again? Sounds like another Kickstarter project. Well, goodluck getting the shoes if they would really deliver on the said date. In fairness, the shoe looks better compared to the jordan 33 aesthetically and material wise. I know these are samples, so those hideous paint stains are forgivable.

  2. Brandblack and their owners/designers seem like good cool people. I’ve purchased 9 (if I remember correctly) Brandblack shoes over the past couple years but I just cant support the BBB clowns. Shame because I appreciate quality, like supporting smaller companies, and I like how these look (at least Nightwing’s colorway).

  3. Like, not cool “releasing” a shoe now and not actually selling it until 5 months later. The price is still way to high. If it were more like 150 i would defenetly be interested in trying a pair.

  4. Looks like a definite upgrade, but still won’t mess with them. First impressions are worth a lot and they didn’t do that well.

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