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Quick Update & Take Flight in Chicago

Hello WearTesters readers!

I haven’t done a site update in a while and I figure that now is a good time. Not that anything major is happening, but I like touching base with everyone every so often.

I’m currently on my way to Chicago for Jordan Brand’s Take Flight event. This event will have a small wear test game for the Air Jordan XX9 and I plan on playing in it with a bunch of other great people – both media members and YouTubers. Because of this, I won’t be posting too much this week, and when I will be making posts it’ll likely be about the XX9… pretty sure you guys won’t mind that last part too much. The only reason why I’m currently making posts is because the flight over to Chicago is about 4 hours long and my cheap ass decided to pay for a couple of hours worth of WiFi.

Quick Update & Take Flight in Chicago 1

Along with that, I have a small collaboration with Rope Lace Supply in the works. This is just a sample look and there isn’t a date set for when these could become available. Once I see them in person and see what the total costs will be for an order then I’ll make my final decision. But there will be a collaboration, whether or not its a large/ small collaboration has yet to be determined. Feel free to let me know what you guys think and if you’d rock a pair of WearTester X Rope Lace Supply laces.

Quick Update & Take Flight in Chicago 2

You guys can keep up to date with me on Instagram (@Nightwing2303)… I’m on IG far more than I should be, but its a quick way to share my experiences with everyone rather quickly.

Thanks for all of the continued support, I really appreciate it, and stay tuned for updates as they come!

  1. Have fun an Chi-town man, and let us know how the XX9 feels. And have a DEEP DISH pizza(not better then NYC pizza that is..just saying).
    And Ropelacesupply collabo would be awesome!

  2. Nightwing, you always say your life is too boring to vlog… this is a great vlogging opportunity man! haha

  3. Too bad you weren’t coming to the St Louis area and we could hoop. Awesome that you get to wear test the shoe up in Chicago. Enjoy and if you get time make sure you get to see some of the attractions there. Congrats

  4. Welcome to my city Nightwing!! I’m sure you’ll have fun while you’re in Chicago!! Keep us posted on your first impression of the XX9, curious to know your thoughts!!

  5. Definitely would rock the black laces. And totally agree with you on the pizza. I’m from the Chicago area and lived here all my life and never have really gotten in to that deep dish. Can’t wait to see more updates from the event. Have fun with it man. You’ve definitely earned it!

  6. Chicago’s got good pizza, but NYC will always take the cake. Have fun out there! Great to see you going to events like this, can’t wait to see what’s up over there.

    Definitely going to rock those laces too, gotta have them to match my tee! haha

  7. I’m eager to know if I need to go true or down .5 ASAP. I tried on the XX8 here in Houston for the All Star demo drills, but I ultimately ending up going down .5 for my purchase.

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