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Puma Stewie 2: The Best Puma Basketball Shoe of 2023?

puma stewie 2

The Stewie signature line from Puma has been very solid up to this point. The Stewie 1 is an above-average performance model with no obvious flaws and the Puma Stewie 2 just might be the best basketball shoe of 2023.

The Stewie 2 feels a lot like the Puma Clyde All-Pro on foot (if you’ve played in that shoe you know this is a big compliment) with some elements of the Puma MB 01 mixed in, resulting in a very Kobe 9-esque performance on court. It sounds weird, but it’s a good approximation nonetheless. Let’s jump into the review and see why the Stewie 2 is so good on court.

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Puma Stewie 2 Traction

The Puma Stewie 2 features 3 different traction patterns. In the forefoot we have an aggressive herringbone pattern, in the midfoot we have a radial traction pattern that imitates billowing clouds, and in the heel, we have a feather-shaped patter that is reminiscent of what we had in the Puma Clyde All-Pro. This setup offers amazing multidirectional coverage but it does have one weak point.

Although we have a solid rubber outsole, it’s not the most durable rubber out there. Unfortunately, these will not be a great option for outdoors. Also, the interaction pattern is very tight so it will accumulate dust on dirty indoor surfaces, so keep that in mind.

Lastly, There are two launch colorways the “Ruby Red” colorway and the “Earth” colorway, and there is a slight difference between the two in terms of traction. If we were to suggest one of the two, we would say to go with the Earth colorway.

Puma Stewie 2 Cushion

The Stewie 2 features a compressed EVA midsole with a Nitro foam puck in the heel. Compressed EVA is one of the more dense implementations of EVA, but it is also one of the most durable. But overall this setup is very comfortable and bouncy and feels like a reincarnation of the Puma Clyde All-Pro, which shares a very similar setup.

This combination of foams offers a very smooth and balanced ride while you play. You get a great combination of impact protection and compression, that’s still reactive and speedy. This is just an excellent package.

Puma Stewie 2 Materials

Materials on the Stewie 2 are functional, but there are no premium materials to be found. This is OK, modern basketball shoes mostly use textiles and synthetics, and in terms of performance, the build works great on court. The shoe is lightweight, well-ventilated, offers great comfort, and requires 0 break-in time.

In hand, the materials used on the Stewie 2 “Ruby Red” feel a lot like those on the Puma MB.01. The Earth colorway, on the other hand, uses recycled materials that feel more like Jaquard. The containment features on the Earth colorway are also sewn in, as is the logo, and in the “Ruby Red” version we have a TPU logo and Puma’s Power Tape (used previously on the Puma Rise Nitro and various Puma running models). Both builds work great, but the Earth version feels a bit nicer in hand.

Puma Stewie 2 Support

All in all, the Puma Stewie 2 offers a very secure and natural feeling ride. The cushioning system is very stable and reactive. We have a very wide forefoot with an outrigger. They are equipped with a very substantial heel counter and then we have that well-built upper that keeps your foot on the footbed (where it should be).

For those harder changes of direction and turns, we have 4 lace cables in the forefoot and a fuse reinforcement over the toe box. Textile builds lose a ton of containment in this area and this time of reinforcements are very much needed to keep your toes from jetting upward when plating your foot while playing.

Puma Stewie 2 Fit

Simply put, the fit is on point. BUT! keep in mind that in the US, the Stewie 2 comes in woman’s sizes. So, if you are looking for male sizes, you will have to go with 1.5 sizes more. This means, if you need a 12, you will have to order a 13.5. As long as you keep this in mind, the Puma Stewie 2 offers a very nice 1 to 1 fit that conforms very well to your foot.

Puma Stewie 2 Overall

It’s very early in the 2023-24 sneaker season but as of right now (July 2023) the Puma Stewie 2 is one of the best basketball shoes out there. It’s more of a guard shoe, and it’s not a good outdoor option, but, the Stewie 2 offers excellent traction, a very smooth and bouncy cushion setup, and a very stable and secure ride on court.

As we mentioned earlier, this shoe feels like a reincarnation of the Puma Clyde All-Pro with some Puma MB.01 blended in, and on top of all of that, the Stewie 2 retails for just $120. That is a lot of bang for your buck.

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