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Performance Teaser: Under Armour Anatomix Spawn

Under Armour has made quite a few different models that performed very nicely but the Anatomix Spawn might just be near perfect.

Performance Teaser Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 2

Traction is great. Even when dust is present, you still stick to the floor. I’m not sure if its just me or if its actually true but it feels as if there are different rubbers used… the white sections are softer than the blue sections and this may be one reason why you receive such great grip overall… that and the fact that these flex so perfectly with your foot that there is never a time when traction isn’t directly underfoot.

Can they be used outdoors? Any shoe can be, its up to the buyer to make the decision whether or not they’d like to wear them outside or not.

Performance Teaser Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 3

The amount of time the designers took to create these must have been painstakingly long. I can only imagine how many times something was tweaked or redone in order for it to fit better or flex perfectly and you can tell when you wear them. There are no hot spots, not one piece of material binds or hurts your foot in any way. It’s the most comfortable fit I’ve experienced without requiring a break-in period. Everything on this shoe is in place for a reason or purpose… there is no wasted space.

Performance Teaser Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 4

I only have one concern with these guys… how in the hell are they going to top this?

In case you are wondering, the pads on the shoe are a product I’ve been testing called Court Grabbers – you can see their initial introduction HERE if you are interested. I’m using them on multiple shoes to get a good feel for them so don’t think that just because they are on this shoe that the traction needs help… it doesn’t.

    1. The white area is softer which was another way for me to say pliable without having to actually say pliable… since ppl think thats my fav word lol. I wouldnt say one is stickier than the other, sometimes harder rubber performs better when dust or debris is present vs softer rubber which can lend a hand to slipping when court conditions arent great. Bc both seem to be present, you were good to go no matter the condition so that made it easier for me to focus on playing instead of seeing when I could wipe my soles next.

  1. And one more thing, did you ever get the chance to play in the nano g lightning ? Cuz I’m just curious to how it compares to micro g and I’m wondering why underarmour doesn’t use it that much.

    1. The one shoe that I feel is very similar to these would be the Penny 5. That comparison is based on overall fit and forefoot feeling. These have better cushion and a more secure heel fit.

  2. So do these have a micro g setup that’s closer to the torch, or the spine? That’s to ask if these have a minimal or large volume cushion setup.

  3. If you say these are the most comfortable fit without a break in period then what do you think is the most comfortable fit regardless of break in time?

    1. There are a ton. KD V – after that horrible break-in period – anything leather based like the AJ XII or Way of Wade. Penny 5s but they start a bit snug so they even require a small break-in period. Put enough time into a shoe and itll fit like a glove… these fit like a glove without any time at all.

  4. Would these be the ideal shoe for a High-flying Slasher?
    In terms of someone seeking a lighter weight shoe with a full length cushioning set up for impact protection when landing, very responsive, great fit even for wide footed players, as well as being very breathable?

  5. I think we can all agree that this year has been a beastly year for basketball consumers. I mean, just ridiculous. I promised the wife that I wouldn’t buy any more for the rest of the year after the Super Fly 2 but I kinda knew I was lying. Those LBJ XI, Jordan XX8 SE, and these are pretty much a given. She’ll just have to forgive me. lol

  6. One of the cool things about UA I like is the fact the shoes look different than anything else on the market today. A lot of JB stuff is starting to look similar and Nike always look the same to me. UA Bionic Spine & Predator are bold styles that have great function as well. The Spawn just looks like a beast of a shoe from a design standpoint and also the tech in the shoe. And best of all the price!! Consumers can get a “any man” shoe with great performance less than any of Nike/JB top models with similar performance.

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