First Impression: Court Grabbers

Adding traction to your game has been something many have tried. Will Court Grabbers take things to the next level? Only one way to find out…

First Impression Court Grabbers 1

First Impression Court Grabbers 3

The box is simple and clean – not a performance feature but it lists everything you need to know very clearly and has no secrets whatsoever. This… this I like.

First Impression Court Grabbers 2

The product spans across multiple sports so if you play on an indoor court and want traction then that’s what this was intended for.

First Impression Court Grabbers 4

Performance guarantee?!? They actually back their product up with a guarantee? You may call this cocky or arrogant but someone like me sees this and thinks “this company really believes in their product” which makes me want to try it out.

First Impression Court Grabbers 5

The contents are simple. A set of instructions which also tell you to go visit their YouTube Channel for visual instructions along with the product itself; two Court Grabber pads and the gel solution.

First Impression Court Grabbers 6

They stress that the pads need to remain clean and are machine washable so they used Velcro for easy removal without have to re-lace your kicks every time they need cleaning.

First Impression Court Grabbers 7

Lastly, this is sort of how they’ll look on your shoe. I will have to pick a shoe with decent traction that is easily affected by dust and debris since the entire setup is like cleaning your shoes sole, but while on the court so you can have the best traction possible out of your shoes without having to wait until you have time to clean them. The shoe that quickly comes to mind is the KD VI. Good traction when the outsoles are kept clean… hello Court Grabbers!

Stay tuned for their product review within the next few weeks and we’ll see how they go. If you wish to purchase now then you can at




    1. Im sure you could use it on any shoe that has a visible lacing system. Cant use them on The Gloves or the old ShakeNDestruct with the side lacing system but most other shoes you can use this with. Does it work is the real question so thats what I aim to find out.

  1. In the words of Sidney Dean I’d rather look good and lose than look bad and win – court grabbers = ugly

  2. That just made my day. And nightwing , the only downside I see at all is that the ventilation will be restricted on the kd6 due to the tongue being the main source ventilation.

  3. Huh, you’re using your ID’ed pair of KD V’s. Do they fit alright on court? I remember you said they fit a bit big.

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