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Performance Teaser: Jordan Super.Fly 2

If you missed out on the Air Jordan XX8, don’t worry… the Jordan Super.Fly 2 are just as good.

Performance Teaser Jordan Super.Fly 2 2

I’m not going to go over the obvious with this teaser so I will go over what most people want to know… how is the heel without there being any cushion?

It’s perfectly fine. You won’t notice it much and when you do notice you’re heel… all you will feel is nice and stable compression. The setup is very similar to the Trunner Dominate Pro but nowhere near as soft in the heel which will bring added stability while playing… you don’t want to topple over or roll your ankle so the Phylon is soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to be supportive.

Performance Teaser Jordan Super.Fly 2 3

The fit is amazing. Its slightly more bulky than the Air Jordan XX8 and a little less mobile but these were meant for explosive players that want lightweight shoes without sacrificing cushion and support. I personally love how Jordan Brand has been using Dynamic Fit as of late and this is the best implementation of it so far. Lockdown is an understatement.

Performance Teaser Jordan Super.Fly 2 4

I’m not sure if there will be a second Performance Teaser… I’m not sure that it will be necessary. The Jordan Super.Fly 2 is every bit of the beast that the Air Jordan XX8 was but for nearly half the price.

  1. superfly 1 traction is good eventhough its not herringbone.. and the forefoot cushion is superb.. i guess superfly2 is a beast on court.. big upgrade from the original

  2. superfly 1 traction is good eventhough its not herringbone.. and the forefoot cushion is superb.. i guess superfly2 is a beast on court.. big upgrade from the original.

  3. Wow! Looks like Jordan Brand shot themselves in the foot on this one…there’s really no need for the XX8 Lite now.

    1. Wrong. Mobility from the decoupled heel and forefoot are traits unmatched by any shoe on the market and is one of the XX8’s best features. Wear the XX8s and these and you will feel a huge difference. These are for bigger and more powerful players while the XX8 is for people that like that range of motion.

      1. hey nightwing, how do does thees pair compare to the M9? I got the M9 and very happy with them. Can the superfly beat M9. btw I play as a shooting guard/sml forward.

          1. Really? The Superfly 2 is better than the M9? Wow! I think the the m9 is a great shoe but damn. The superfly may become the go-to shoe. Waiting for your review and August 1.
            Thanks for your hard work NW!

  4. whoa, that’s pretty high praise…might have to pick these up for rec league play if they are that good

  5. Hey Nightwing, I own the Jordan 2011’s and was really impressed with the Dynamic Fit on those. I was wondering if there was any differences in the Dynamic Fit between the 2011’s and the superfly 2’s. also just wanna say thx for your reviews and insights, keep it up.

  6. @nightwing2303 i am a pf/c power player these or the hd 2013s? id be very happy if you reply thanks for all your work man. Just keep doing what you’re doing/

    1. That is something only you can decide. You must figure out what you want or need in a shoe then find the shoe that offers it. I just break things down so that you know what each shoe will provide you and then you take it from there.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Can you answer these ones tho? Which would you think would hold up longer? And do you think they would release clear soles? Fyi i play in asphalt outdoor courts i almost never play indoors.

  7. I would have loved the decoupled heel of the xx8’s, but the Superfly’s look like they are built for my foot needs and style of play. also, these look aesthetically good compared to the xx8’s which I didn’t like at all.

        1. That’s what these performance teasers are for. Nightwing builds up to the performance review by posting these performance teasers beforehand.

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