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Performance Teaser: Jordan Son of Mars


“What the hell are those?!?”

I got that a lot while I took these out on-court.


Traction is fine at the beginning but translucent outsoles seem to collect and absorb much more dust & debris than your typical solid rubber. Front to back, traction was perfectly fine… cutting, curling around screes and quick direction changes were a bit lackluster – especially once you factor in some good old fashioned dust.


My main issue is the same that I have with the Air Jordan V… a sloppy forefoot fit. No matter how tightly I tied the laces and harnessed the midfoot strap, my forefoot just couldn’t stay secure… once your feet start to perspire it gets a little worse as well.

Those Air Jordan XX midfoot straps… didn’t do much at all. When comparing them directly to the Air Jordan XX’s strap they are almost identical in thickness so I’m hoping they’ll prove to be more useful in that model… if not I’m already disappointed and I won’t be getting to the XX’s anytime soon seeing as how I’m currently on the AJV.


This last bit I just thought was a little odd… not too horrible as it’s completely reparable but I was only able to lace up my left shoe to the top eyelet… and not by choice. During the manufacturing process it looks as if they had forgotten to complete the top lace hole on the right shoe – just the medial side, lateral side was finished properly. I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed the issue until I put them on before playing; usually I catch mistakes like that before making a purchase. It didn’t affect their performance much but they definitely offered greater heel lockdown fully laced to the top rather than one section below.


Basically, they’re very similar to the AJV’s performance. Despite their looks… the Jordan Son of Mars is actually playable if you wanted to use them on-court. That giant strap doesn’t do much of anything but everything else actually works out perfectly fine.

  1. You describing that its playable, and saying basically its similar to the AJV does that mean ur done reviewing them?

  2. Is that ugly ass strap thing over the laces removable? These shoes would be so much better without that for me

  3. …as much as I have enjoyed your insightful reviews over the year(s)…this one left me scratching my head as violently as i fell to the floor laughing. REALLY DUDE?! HAHAHA!!!! But really…keep doing what you’re doing.

  4. your getting daring now be careful, Cant beleive Jordan signs off on some of these kix He’s gonna be like George Lucas regreting he made The Star Wars Christmas special. Big up.

  5. The hype on the Hyper Elite’s and Griff just got his shoes ripped. 2 bills no way Patna. All the super light wait gear, I think we are Lab Rats, Look at all the players getting injured? makes you think…… Melo looked in good condition and his kix stay bulky, maybe thats the safe route. Big Up x2

  6. oops I forgot I balled in the AF1 XX Fuze – were not too bad they matched the Terp’s shorts

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