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Performance Teaser: Jordan Melo M8


Bulky & moderately heavy… yet, these things play so smooth it’s ridiculous.

Hit the jump for more…


Lockdown was a bit of an issue for a short period of time… until I realized there was a second lace option located at the top eyelet… I was tired, it happens…


Traction though… MAN! These don’t even look like they would hold you down very well and as a Guard you would think the exact same thing however, these stayed solid the entire night without any problems at all. For those of you who NEED that squeak with your traction… look no further…


Honestly, I’m refraining myself right now from giving anything else away at this point but I will say this… these can be found for under retail at most locations right this very moment. Go get them… go on… like, right now…

Seriously though, the Jordan Melo M8 is probably one of the most versatile performance sneakers available currently… besides the Jordan 2012 of course.

  1. i also have a pair of these and also the lebron 9..i can say that m8>lbj9 IMHO.
    might cop a second pair of these..the forefoot zoom, oh so yummy!

  2. These look pretty good! I was just concerned about the cushioning being a bit too soft for a guard. Traction does look ON POINT though! I might pick these up myself actually…

    1. Youll be VERY impressed with the cushion. I usually dont like dual setups but whatever they did with the air bag makes it feel as if its zoom from front to back. The foam prob plays a big role though since its a nice soft foam.

  3. I bought the cp3 V’s…and I am very pleased with them! The cushioning in the forefoot is awesome just like you described it! Now I’m thinking about getting a higher cut shoes, and thinking about melo’s…Can you tell me how is with the forefoot flexibility(midsole)? I’m searching for something that is firm and not to flexible in the forefoot, but well cushioned…if these are too flexible I will probably get lebron 9’s! Thanks nightwing you truly help guys like me, that don’t have shoe store around the corner!Keep up the great work!
    Greetings from Europe!

  4. yo ive been playing ball for so many years that both of my ankle have become like glass and now my knees too. As a baller who Loves the game of bball i just wanted to say your reviews are always helpful and interesting. loving your posts!!!!!!!!

  5. Sweet, can’t wait for the full performance review.
    Which one of these do you like the best overall?
    Fly wade, Q Flight, Hyperfuse 2011, Hyperdunk 2011 or Melo 8?

    Thanks a lot

  6. Just tried these on in the store and was not in love with the fit. I did lace them up thru the second hole too. Seemed a little lacking in lockdown. Did this improve for you during game play?

    Cushion was extremely responsive

  7. I bought these shoes last week (and btw nightwing2303 I’m a fan of yours so don’t get creeped out lol) man it did not disappoint.. althought I had the same problem with the lockdown coz I never lace my shoe all the way to the top but wow I am impressed with this shoe

  8. Reading your reviews Obviously big on the Herring bone. Have you tried the HUGE sleeper Shoe “Air Max Turnaround” Soft forefoot foam and HUGE grip exposed HB traction pattern and an air max heel that must be a at a low psi & responds like a foam but returns and keeps going. Light made with cheaper materials but the grip and the Cush are out standing. Peep – they were at NIKE outlet for $40 and guard / SF kix easily. Waiting for the Melo’s to drop to $90 a must have Zoom forefoot new style.

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