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Performance Teaser: Jordan Melo M10

I’m only going to feature one teaser on the Jordan Melo M10 and it will be as short and sweet as possible…

If you want/ need support, then the Jordan Melo M10 is the model to get when looking at their entire lineup of Flight Plate models… the models that feature the entire Flight Plate setup that is… Air Jordan XX8, Air Jordan XX8 SE & the M10.

Performance Teaser Jordan Melo M10 2

There is some break-in time required which was not the case with the XX8 models but again, support is the main difference here and its very noticeable if you’ve worn all the models. This is how I’d label each shoe in one word…

  • Air Jordan XX8 – Containment
  • Air Jordan XX8 SE – Lightweight
  • Jordan Melo M10 – Support

Pretty simple and straight forward. They all heavily lack ventilation, cushion is simply amazing, range of motion is amazing and traction is amazing. The support in the XX8 & XX8 SE are both great for what they are… lightweight models that contain the foot properly. The Melo on the other hand gives you everything those models did but the materials have been beefed up quite a bit and that small little change actually makes a pretty big difference.

Performance Teaser Jordan Melo M10 1

Yes, Jordan Brand has used the same setup on three models. Some may forgive that while others may not. However, their performance trumps any shoe on the market… period. The Flight Plate system they’ve used across each of the three shoes mentioned has been the best performance setup I’ve ever used… ever… like MJ is the G.O.A.T. type of ever.

Now, if they use this in the XX9… then you’ll hear me complain as I feel Jordan Brand can still make modifications to the system in order to perfect it and they are supposed to be the leader when it comes to innovation… so innovate away.

    1. Im pretty sure I answered that in this write-up. Find out what you want or need and each of the three have an attribute that can accommodate that. There is no such thing as better unless a shoe just plain sucks and that isnt the case here. They each offer something different on top of the Flight Plate system.

          1. Thanks. I really have wanted to try one of the flight plate models, and I’ve decided on the XX8s. Thanks NW. Appreciate it!

    2. I wish jordan would have done something more innovative with the m10s. I mean same midsole on 3 models? I think they should of done something totally new with the upper on the m10s.

      1. The Unleashed Zoom, and Flightplate aren’t ‘mid-soles’, it’s a system(and not just in name(like the Kobe-system), it’s an actual technology, it’s engineered construction), same goes for the Dynamic-fit, the Melo m10 is a bigs-friendly(because big-guys need more than the XX8, or SE can give) performance-version of Jordan’s best offering.

        Needless to say, I’m big, heavy, and loving the Melo m10’s(I have the X-mas).

  1. I agree that the while I think the flightplate system is great but they still have to improve upon it and make the system more like the Superfly 2s which have greater forefoot flexibility. I think that the carbon fiber on the side is placed to close to the forefoot flex point. The Superfly 2s had the flight wrap up but they left a gap in between where the foot flexs so the pebax wrapping up did not hinder forefoot flexibility and they the zoom units were split horizontally with a groove near the flex point so they felt very comfortable and natural when flexing your foot. I cannot compare them to the Jordan 28s because I don’t have a pair, but I hope that the Jordan 29s really improve the flight plate system and make the shoe more durable and feel more natural.

    1. I own all the mentioned shoes. The XX8 set up is much more amazing then the Superfly 2’s. Once wearing the shoes. you don’t notice about the flex groves at all. And it pivots perfectly.
      It may look that way, but once you’re laced in and locked down, it’s a whole other beast.
      The flight plate bottom is simply the best on the market at the moment.

    2. I agree, they will need to improve upon the flight plate/ cushion system. But not by much! My son had the size 6.5 GS of the XX8 and has worn just about every other shoe since(melo m9, ua spine, us spawn, super fly 2, aero mania, jordan 2012 original and lite, hyperdunk 2012) . He nows wears size 8 and still recalls the comfort and feel of a Grade School XX8 and puts that above the adult size shoes he now has to wear. He said the only shoe to come close was the Spawn and that was still not as good as the XX8.

      Side note: he did try on the XX8 at the Nike outlet store and was blown away again! The decoupled heel, flight plate and cushion system is the best IMO. I can’t wait to get him a pair of Melo’s or XX8 SE.

  2. Thanks NW! I appreciate your work man, for real!!! Im just waiting for the Melo M10 BHM and I’m all good. Plus the XX8 SE gray. Then, I’m all good!

  3. Cool. Got them yesterday, you were right they are a bit stiff (unlike xx8). If they play the same way xx8s did they shoue will be awesome

    Lets hope cushion will last longer than in xx8 !

    As usual appreciate the hard work and your insights I hope 2014 is even better for you than 2013 !


  4. Pretty clear your review nightwing.i have just 2 questions for you if you want to share your knowledge with me( if you are willing of course)I want to try that unlocked zoom thing but I hear that these bags are very sensitive and pop even indoors.do they make any fix in the M10?Secondly ( that might be a stupid question) I play in the lebron x elites because I love the cushion.Does the m10 provide better cushioning?sorry if that hears stupid.Just keep up this great work of yours.

    1. Ive never experienced the Zoom popping personally so I cant really say. I know people personally that have had their units pop and I know people personally that have had to same experience as me where their shoes have held up just fine.

      1. sounds pretty risky for such an expensive shoe…i’m putting aside some money for the year of the horse m10s, though to say that i’m apprehensive about the zoom bags popping is an understatement

    2. Hey

      That unlocked zoom poped for me after 4 hours of playing. Always played indoors and always very careful etc

      As NW said with such soft rubber wouldnt be the best thing to play outdoors

      1. Isn’t there some sort of warranty? Nike Air used to have a warranty on them and they would give you a new pair if they popped no? Have you looked into that? Asking because I have a pair of XX8 SEs….

  5. Second question had to be plain stupid for you not to answer.i asked you that because I have the lebron x elites superhero and contrary to popular belief they hold pretty good outdoors. I play in a court in a slightly better condition than you use for outdoor hooping and I’d like to know if there is a chance for the m10 to hold outdoors.First priority for me when I purchase a shoe comes cushioning and this unlocked zoom caught my attention .As you yourself have said this 360 zoom max in the x elites is straight beast the only thing I’d like to know is if this m10 set it that springy that responsive.sorry for wasting your time man.P.S you have a lot of fans here in Greece.Awesome site ,awesome reviews .just do what you do.You help more people that you can imagine.

    1. Not stupid, I just forgot to answer it once I got going about the Flight Plate lol. I wouldnt play in the XX8 setup outdoors just bc the rubber is soft and will burn down quickly. Nothing to do with their cushion though.

  6. One last question if you allow me.Just cushion wise ,no durability no traction no nothing just cushion is m10 the best shoe in the market right now and if you had to choose just for cushion x elites or m10?thanks again for your time man.Sorry for my obsession in cushioning.

    1. Really depends. Target cushion, Zoom implementation and mobile cushion… def the Flight Plate setup. The LeBron X cushion is amazing and responsive but not flexible at all. For someone like myself, I’d go with a mobile setup. For you… thats up to you to decide.

    2. The cushion on the 28’s is probably most similar to the Lebron X as far as how much bounce you feel. Its incredible. Now take that cushioning from the Lebron X and bring it a lot closer to the ground, make it feel tremendously lighter, and then give it incredible flexibility and movement. That is what its like to play on the XX8, SE, and I imagine the M10.

      The only other cushion that is on the same level but different field is the Lebron XI. The amount of lunar combined with full length zoom feels amazing too but is less responsive and works better for standing around in casual use. I use both shoes for hooping depending on how I am feeling. They are definitely different ends of the spectrum but amazing on either side.

  7. thanks for your time nightwing.unfortunately here in Greece is extremely tough to find a store that”ll get the m10.i guess i have to take the same risk as the lebron x elite and order online without trying first.Anyway thatnks again for your time and your support.

    1. I m greek to man and a huge fan of nightwing, i check his page every single day.. Jim, check House of Hoops in Ermou str. they have everything there… also i just bought a pair of jordan’s viii bugs bunny for only 100 euros from GlenMcArthur… Check it out.

  8. NW,

    One thing you forgot to mention being different is the lace system.

    On the SE, their are 5 eyelets on each side of the shoe to lace up. On the Melo’s, their are 7.

  9. Off topic question. I recently bought Li-ning WOW 1 and I have one major problem. When I play in them I get the blisters on my left foot, but no problems with the right . Can you tell me Nighwing what is the problem?

    1. Same with my foot bro. You’re not alone. My left foot rubs on my small toe and my right foot doesn’t. It’s gotten better the more I wear them casually so hopefully the next time I am on the court it’s better.

    2. most likely problems is that your left foot is smaller than your right foot. rest your left foot a bit then try the shoe again with an additional sock.

  10. hey nightwing, i also asked this on your ig but you didn’t reply maybe you hadn’t read it yet or you got busy just to make sure I want to write it here again. Just really want to know if the M10 could be wide feet friendly? number 1 thing I look for in a shoe is if it can accommodate wide feet given enough break-in time. Thanks for every review it really helps.

    1. Sorry, sometimes I forget to go and check my IG comments. Not sure about wide footers. They fit me nicely but the materials could end up breaking in enough for a wide footer as well. Only one wide footer I know and they went up 1/2 sz.

  11. Hey nightwing, I’ve heard for more than one time that the unlocked zoom pops easily in all the shoes featuring the flight plate system. Though it didn’t happen with my superfly 2, did it happen to you?

  12. Nightwing, how do you feel about the zoom air bags popping? what is your opinion as other zoom bags in the market dont pop. Hearing these stories about the bag popping do you ever feel it may happen to you and do you even think its worth getting an unlocked zoom shoe if there is the possibility of the zoom bag popping?

    1. It haven’t happened to me so I’m not worried about it per say but I do think it’s sucks for those that have experienced it. I do think about it at the beginning of the night when I wear them but as I play it’s never a thought. I’d still buy a pair knowing it could pop bc I know I could just get my money back if it were to happen so I really wouldn’t lose anything. This is why I said they can still improve the tech though. There are ways I think they could improve it while keeping it amazing .

  13. Great job again Nightwing…

    hopefully Jordan will make a low cut version with flight plate in it..

    are the Melo M10’s heavy for a guard?

    1. You know what I’m gonna do some designs to see it would look like because I’m gonna be a sneaker designer when I get older

    2. I have to be honest, for a guard they may be a little stiff at first and for a while. I wouldn’t necessarily say its bad, it just depends what you like. If you really want support and a sturdy shoe, then there great, but it may take a little while to do cuts efficiently.

  14. Excited for the full review on these! Fit works for me when I fitted them. Curious to see how traction and cushioning turns out on the final review. Materials work for me since I prefer nubuck, leather and suede on my shoes. I don’t really mind shoes that lack ventilation since I grew up 80’s-90’s. Lol

  15. Hey everyone, does anyone know where I can get the XX8’s or XX8SE’s anywhere in Canada? Eastbay doesn’t seem to be selling it and neither do any of the local Foot Lockers, Champs, SportChecks or any shoe store. All I’m seeing are the SuperFly 2’s. I am very impressed with NW’s reviews of these but I can’t find them anywhere in Canada. If I can find the XX8 SE’s anywhere, I’d be all over it. Any suggestions?

    1. That’s because they’re not for sale yet at Eastbay. Eastbay will have them for sale February 1st. I think we’ll have to be quick though as these might sell out within minutes.

  16. These look and sound sick. I would have definitely scooped up a pair of these if I didn’t already pick up 2 pairs of the Lebron XI a couple months ago. Rotating those with my XX8s, and Kobe 8 depending on how I feel. I still love the flight plate even with the problems I ran into in the past! Nothing like it.

      1. Do you think that’s a direct result of unlocked zoom not having a buffer in between the zoom bag and the outsole?

        But like you said in an earlier reply. If zoom pops, you get your money back right? Do you know if This is standard Nike policy? Or would they provide another pair?

        Thanks NW

  17. So many people have said their airbags popped after such a short amount of play. Have you had any problems with them?

  18. Where is the black/red color way? I bought the powder blue’s but I’m in love with the black and red. By the way, the support and cushion is phenomenal in these. I wear size 14 so a lot of shoes can be too big and bulky, but these feel great and are the best shoes I’ve ever owned when it comes down to performance.

  19. Practiced in these for 3 days straight on an indoor court and loved how they felt on foot. Played two games and the left unit deformed and pushed into the area between the two unlocked zoom units. The right foot zoom bag popped and responsiveness died. Bought mine at Dick’s Sporting Good. Gonna try to see if I can get an exchange.

  20. Night wing said he’s never had a problem with any of the 28’s zoom bag popping.
    For those of you who have had the bag pop have you tried to return them and what’s the process like if you did try to return them?
    Nightwing, did your friend return his?

    1. I have 3 different pairs that I play in about twice a week. I had one pop on me after 6 weeks. Took it to The Nike Factory and they swapped it for a new pair they had in stock.

      I would love to know if anybody has had Nike repair theirs as I have 2 other DS pairs that I would want to breakout but would also be furious if they popped.

    2. For starters, make sure you save your receipt(s). I usually keep mine in the shoe box I bought them in, and hang on to them for at least a year.

      If the reseller where you purchased them won’t take them back for whatever reason, they should at least suggest that you send them directly back to Nike, especially if they’re under warranty (still requires a receipt). I’m not exactly sure what the warranty is for air bags (zoom included), but I’m pretty sure it’s just 1 year from the date of product purchase, possibly 2. Anyhow, you start this return process by visiting nikeclaims.com, and follow their claims instructions to send in your busted kicks.

      For the record, I’ve had 2 pairs of the original XX8s pop on me, and had them both replaced. For one pair, the reseller exchanged them, but for the second they referred me to Nike claims. They both popped in the left heel with custom orthotics I was using not well suited for court sports (hard thick plastic heels).

      Thus far I’ve been playing in the replacement XX8s off and on in my rotation for about 6 months or more with no problems thus far *knock on hardwood*. Still my #1 go to shoe, and have since swapped in court sport orthotics (more flexible, softer heel, lighter weight) which have worked better for me overall.

  21. Just got mines Friday I’m a big guy I wear a size 15 and have a wide food because of life I was just able to ball in them today get very supportive very comfortable responsive obviously they response was insane I felt and was so much quicker in these I was getting blocks I should not have been getting funniest basketball expirence ever hands down the best performance basketball shoe ever even better than the lebron 11 and original 28 I don’t care what nobody say

  22. As reply to some of the concerns that have been noted, I played on the new pair of 28s and there’s been no problem. I talked to a guy a NikeTown and he said the 28’s are repairable because of their construction but it is at Nike’s discretion to repair or issue credit.

    Also, he noted the Melo M10’s have kind of perfected the Flight Plate plateform in its 3rd iteration. It is made more for a big and the cushion is is some how more protected or calibrated better to resist the pops. The midsole obviously looks the same but the changes are in the densities and pressures used.

    I hope that helps calm some future buyers fears as they are by far the best basketball shoes (anything with the flight plate that is) out there. I don’t understand how nightwing tests other shoes and doesn’t just put the 28’s back on every 2nd half.

    1. I keep a Flight Plate based shoe in my gym bag at all times… its hard not to changed when wearing certain shoes lol.

      I hope you’re right about the Melo’s system being tweaked to better withstand impact and lateral movements.

    1. Just to help out nightwing and by all means his advice would hold much more weight, but I have played in both now and can speak to the differences.

      The Hyperdunks feel much lighter on feet but I wouldn’t say the M10’s feel heavy either but just as a comparison. Also, the Hypedunks have been likened to playing like a high top Kobe 8. The lunar is responsive and feels good combined with overall amazing traction. The Hyperdunk is a heck of a shoe.

      The M10’s feel like Jordan has really delivered a finish product using the flight plate platform and unlocked zoom. The cushioning isn’t just truly responsive but actually makes you feel like running faster and wanting to jump more. The traction is I feel the absolute standard in basketball shoes so a step up from still a great shoe in the Hyperdunks. Lastly, I would say the containment is about equal in both with the M10’s having more overall support.

      My final thoughts are that the M10 is probably the best all-around basketball shoe to date. I would also say the Hyperdunks used to hold that title so your not dealing with a bad choice either way.

      There are other choices if you prefer lighter, more support, different cushion feel, high or low tops, and your overall position and type of play. Without knowing any of that, I could easily blindly recommend the M10 as the best overall to the most people.

      I can’t wait to hear what Nighwing says in his complete review but it feels like Jordan made the 28’s with a inclination for the big man with more containment and a refined flight plate. This is also the same 28 which has been by far the best basketball shoe out there since it’s release with its only fault being price.

  23. NW,

    Would you recommend the m10 to a quick and active point guard? For the last few years I have been only wearing kobes and due to the lack of support they have done a lot a of wear and tear to my ankle and ligaments so I’m looking for a not too heavy shoe with a lot of cushion and support.


  24. NW,

    Would you recommend the m10 to a quick and active pg? For the last few years I have only been wearing kobes and due to the lack of support I have done a lot of wear and tear to my ankle and ligaments. I’m looking for a shoe that is not too heavy and has enough cushion and support to protect my already fractured and stretched ligament ankle.


    1. Sher maybe you should try the Jordan 28 se. I’m going to buy a pair over the weekend and if you like I’ll let you know how the ankle support is. I have weaker ankles and if I don’t have a shoe with good ankle support my ankles will burn for a week.
      NW already has a review on them.

        1. The Melos definitely feel heavier than the SEs as well as more supportive. Also, the zoom bag has a higher psi so isn’t as responsive if your not a big. They really are the 28s but for your forward position player or larger gaurd as it were. I have both and I am a bigger but short player so I try a lot of different shoes.

          I would say the new Kobe 9 and especially the Elite have great support while being a lot lighter. The standard 28 SE you have to almost trust the shoe is going to support you so I wouldn’t recommend to someone with weak ankles really. Melos might feel heavy but great shoe. Also, try out the DRose 4.5. For the price, great support, feel light on feet, amazing traction, and a good compomise between court feel and cushion. The Cp3s are similar but with more cushion and less support but equal traction and light on foot feel.

          1. Levi,

            The Kobe 9 Elites are actually heavier than the m10.

            melo m10: 13.9 oz size 9
            kobe 9 elite: 14.2 oz size 9
            xx8 se: 13.4 oz size 9

        2. Sher sorry it took so long, had to be responsible, pay bills and save money. lol
          Just wanted to give a review on the SE’s, bout the Laney playoff editions on sale at Finish Line. After reading all the reviews I was worried about the zoom bag popping as I am 210, 5’10″, and I move, especially on defense. Reading the reviews on FL they also said the shoe does not have good ankle support, Wrong! I have week ankles and as soon as I tried these on I could feel the lock down and support. Fore foot cushioning felt kind of weird to me at first, only because I’m flat footed, but it’s something I didn’t notice when I was running. I only played in them 4 games, but so far I like them better than my Lebron 11′s. Nightwing and every other person already told you about the traction and all that, I just wanted to give my perspective on the support, being as I am a larger player. To me this shoe is awesome for all players and just give it a try.

  25. anyone having an issue with “weird” wear? by this I mean, I have worn these for about 2 months only for work (lite walking, left or right 4-5 steps) and they have worn thru in 1 spot… dime size hole on each, right on the knuckle of the big toe at the foot. looks to be the highest part of the tread.

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