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Performance Teaser: Jordan Fly Wade 2 Pt. 2


This is the last Performance Teaser prior to the full review on the Jordan Fly Wade 2. Bottom line… this is my personal pick for performance shoe of the year.


Traction on most of the higher end performance sneakers have been foregoing the use of herringbone and instead using story telling traction. According the Dwyane Wade himself, the traction featured is supposed to look crazy and confusing representing his game on court for those unfortunate enough to have the daunting task of guard him.

 Does this traction work? Yes, it does. While it could have gotten the story across while being a bit more functional is apparent, it still worked well overall and it didn’t hurt the shoes performance. The entire medial side of the shoe features the large pattern while the lateral features the same pattern in a smaller size. Honestly, the smaller size worked very well, much like herringbone, and the larger design worked but I feel it would have better suited the performance by going with the smaller sized design the entire way through.

 If the court is extremely dusty the larger portions will have you slip slightly, luckily the smaller design saves your ‘slipping’ motion by catching you in action allowing you to retain stability without losing much control.


The Fly Wade 2 is an awesome performance shoe that I highly recommend. They make the Fly Wade’s before it look like amateur performance sneakers… and I really liked the original Fly Wade.


Full performance review will be coming soon… just in time for Christmas!


  1. hello,

    I think that the cushioning(lunarlon) is a little bit too plush for me, so that your foot kind of sinks in when you take a hard step. Do you also experience this?


    1. When i first tried them on they felt sort of bouncy. Once i played in them they felt perfect. Its soft enough without being too soft and firm enough without being too firm. Just my opinion but i like it a lot.

      1. thanks for your opinion, personally i like the firmness of the hyperdunk compared to the fly wade 2. Thanks a lot!

        1. I loved the firmness of the HD as well, hated the thickness though… Thats where the Rose 2 comes into play lol. No prob man, down to discuss performance kicks anytime!

    1. Traction is fairly comparable. Cushion goes to the Wade although i liked both a lot. Materials are about even. Fit goes to the Wade. Ventilation goes to the Wade bc the tongue is well ventilated. Durability goes to the Wade. Price goes to the Rose.

      Overall- Wade is the better shoe IMO.

  2. Watup man 3 things if u can answer

    1) how is the ventilation i kno i has hyper fuse technology so i juss wanna kno how it does

    2) is the fit as good as the Q Flights

    3) juss wanna kno did u get da Nike Kobe VII Supreme

    if u can answer some of this it would mean a lot thanks man and like yo reviews

    1. 1) ventilation is great. Better than traditional hyperfuse, ill go more into it on the full review.

      2) yes, a bit tight for some but better.

      3) dont have the kobe 7s in yet but i will soon.


    1. The Wade 2s for sure. Fit is awesome and the materials retain their shape during games better than the Q Flights.

  3. So you would pick the Wade 2, over your favourite, Kobe VI and Q Flight?

    Do you plan to review another UA shoe, Juke or the Bloodline?

    1. Yes i do. I love the Kobe VI though and would place them directly after the Wade.

      I will be doing my best to review as many shoes and brands as possible.

    1. A rough outdoor surface would work best as far as grip is concerned but it may wear down easily. Just using them on hardwood floors has caused a bit of rubber to peel, which is normal but i assume itll get worn down faster outdoor.

      The Kobe VII iD system has an XDR option which will hold up better outdoor.

    1. As far as outdoor, the Wades would last longer. I thought the traction on the Kobes was better overall indoors.

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