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Performance Teaser: Jordan CP3.VII

The Jordan CP3.VII might be my personal favorite model this year overall. I love the look and the build – we all know how much I love raw materials – and these basically mixes the 90’s with modern tech… similar to the Way of Wade line but this is Jordan Brand’s version.

Performance Teaser Jordan CP3.VII 2

Heel slippage? Not at all. Why not? Not sure. Could be the placement of the heel pillow or it could be the collar height. Either way, it fits like a glove and that’s just the way I like it.

Performance Teaser Jordan CP3.VII 3

Cushion is awesome! This is low profile cushion done right. If you prefer court feel over all else but don’t want to sacrifice cushion then the CP3.VII should be your next shoe. The pods are responsive and the addition of Zoom Air is genius. Trust me, after their short break-in period you’ll be running up and down the court just so the experience doesn’t end.

Performance Teaser Jordan CP3.VII 1

90’s materials and looks with modern day tech… this is how shoes should be made.

  1. Nightwing, I currently primarily use the Hyperdunk 2013 and I’m a PG with the combo of CP3 and Stephen Curry style. With that, you said that the HD 2013 are the best overall shoes for any position this year. How do you compare it to the CP3.VII based on performance? Thanks as always! Sorry about that last post by the way, accidentally pressed enter.

  2. Hey Nightwing, super random question here……
    I’m an old fart coming off a achilles rupture (2 days before Kobe, I’m a trend-setter). A problem that I’m having is that most shoes put a bit of pressure on the achilles area. Lebron 10 lows were terrible… Kobe 8’s are ok…Lebron 10 highs are probably the most comfortable in my collection. Do you feel that the heel cushion in these may be beneficial or does it really not make much difference as far as the actual cushion. I understand you are not “Dr. Nightwing” but on the other side of that I think you would have much better insight than my actual doctor!haha

    1. These dont have any heel cushion but its better than last years model. If you needed actual cushion then maybe a Gel insert would help relieve some stress. I’ve never had a severe achillies injury before so this is only a guess and not fact.

        1. I wasnt sure. It sounded like he was talking about the heel pillow but also referenced comfort/ cushion. I assume with an injury like that you’d need a bit more cushion in the heel but I have no idea since Ive never experienced it firsthand.

          1. yea I’ve hurt my achilles, nothing major just alot of icing/rest did the trick, but both the heel and upper achilles became sore, so I think I shoe with both areas cushioned is best

    2. To be straight up no OJ no Straw…. Lebron 10’s are almost Theraputic and the Air Hyperflight Zoom Max are even MORE comfortable than LBJ’s, theres three CW’s i know of and I have the Red Camo which i used like ACG’s when i was up in Portland walking to the Top of Multnoma Falls cause I have aging knees w Torn Miniscus and early Arthritis so Cushioning is MAJOR for me. I hoop 4 times a week, 2 days on half court and 2 days full court (1 day of League play which is cool but alot of prep for 15 – 20 min hoopin). When your Pushin late 30’s your legs get Finicky so i have too many damn kicks every one playing to the tune of how my knee’s feel “today” i dont have an achilis injury but cushioning makes all injuries more barableGive the Hyper flight zoom a shot – the Black Patent Blue is a sweet CW next to the Red camo and Halograms. long rant but may help….

      1. Thanks for the response. Sounds like you and I are about in the same boat as I can relate to what you’re saying. I have a million shoes and most have just been bought searching for that perfect old man fit. I’ll check out your recommendation. I have the Lebron 10s. They are great except where they touch my Achilles. I’m going to need to heal a little more before I can wear them much. In the mean time I just picked up some Melo M9s at the Nike outlet for $65. I think these are going to end up being my go to shoes till my injury is further along. They’re super cushy and the cushion around the Achilles area (like the CPs) is really good and I think that will help a ton. In the mean time, I’m not playing again yet, but I am dunking easy on a 9′ goal, which is something that I haven’t been excited about since 7th grade!haha..39 years old BTW.

  3. Nightwing

    First off — I appreciate the early insight on this shoe. I found them at a discount and couldn’t resist.

    Second — I read on Nike’s official release info for the shoe that the laces are integrated with the heel stirrup. Not sure if this was the case in the CP3.VI, but perhaps this is cause for the improved lockdown?

    See here: ‘To keep up with Paul’s speed, the Jordan CP3.VII’s synthetic heel stirrup wraps around the back of the heel and integrates with the laces to help snug the shoe to the foot for a secure lockdown fit.’

    Source: http://nikeinc.com/news/jordan-brand-and-chris-paul-prepare-for-flight-with-the-launch-of-the-cp3-vii#/inline/23582

    1. I think what they mean is the extra eyelet featured at the top of the lacing structure helps draw the heel into the back of the shoe for added lockdown, this was something I recommended when I reviewed the CP3.VI. Thats what I got from it anyway. The Flywire isnt connected to the heel at all and the top eyelet isnt either.

      1. Sorry gents…I guess that I worded that funny. I mean the back of the heel. The actual area that touches the achilles and down to the insertion. Since there is a pad there that most shoes don’t have, I was wondering if you really felt that pad as I have problems with shoes digging into my achilles.

        Also…if any of you ever get an achilles injury, no matter how small, see a doctor and get the proper treatment/rehab. Achilles injuries are not ones that we stubborn men can just power through and trust me, ruptures SUCK!!

        And Nightwing…be careful bro… You’re getting kind of old like me!!haha

    2. What colorway did you get and where did you get, iks mod? And where did you get them from cheaper than retail?

  4. JB really seems to be on a roll these days with their performance line. Adding the zoom met bag with the podulite is ingenious imo. I may have missed it, but can someone tell me what source of cushion they have in the heel?

    1. I agree. They’ve been knocking out each model in terms of performance. Heel has no cushion again but its not as bad as the VI. The foam is slightly thicker back there vs last years model.

  5. “90′s materials and looks with modern day tech… this is how shoes should be made.”

    Can’t wait for the full review! My current hoops shoe gave up on me and I can’t wait for these to release over here.

  6. I think ill just wait for december when all the 2013 shoes are released. Man this is a great year for bball players, we get one great shoe after another! And Thanks NW, you make our purchasing decisions much much easier and our wallets happy!

  7. Nightwing, would you say this shoe performs better than the kobe 8? I’m thinking of grabbing a pair if it is

  8. I know the review isn’t finished yet, but would you be able to give a “preview” verdict on whether you would choose these or the UA Anatomix Spawn (based on YOUR needs)? I need cushioning, traction, and stability (either a strong outrigger for stability or anything similar that prevents ankle twists)…

  9. Hey Nightwing2303 great job with reviews, thanks! But same very important question “Nightwing, would you say this shoe performs better than the kobe 8? I’m thinking of grabbing a pair if it is.” Or do you think we should wait for Kobes 9? Main issues that I have with CP3 VI durability as mentioned below, and the feel that I’am riding quite high so the court feel and stability is not perfect It looks that you ride lower and the court feel is better in kobes 8 although I haven’t tried them. I will definately have to change my shoes the latest next spring but if you could put some clarity here I would like to change sooner.

    P.S Now I play in CP3 VI and they are really great shoes as you reviewed, although as you mentioned heel lockdown not perfect. Also I have durability issues (same with Jordan 26) I played in them for 6 month straight aproximattely 4 times a week and in the places where shoe laces go they ripped so it would be nice if you if possible include durability section.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. What position do you play?

      Did you read Nightwing’s recent top ten lists he’s written based on the position you play? If not, the answers are there.

      I’ll assume that you are a point guard, so based on that, he rated the CP3.VII the number 1 shoe for PGs. The KD V didn’t even make the list. That is pretty much your answer right there between the two shoes and it doesn’t get anymore clearer than that.

      If you are a different position, then you should check out the other lists and pick a different shoe altogether. The KD V Elite didn’t make any of his lists, so I wouldn’t really bother getting it at all. The original KD V is a better shoe IMO, so I would only buy the KD V Elite if you are a hardcore fan of his, or can get it dirt cheap for under $100.

      1. Edit : Nightwing had the CP3.VI AE as his number 1 PG shoe in his top ten list. Answer to your question should still be the same though, as he just said above that this might be his favorite shoe so far this year.

  10. @nightwing. I have a wide foot and I tried on the kobe 8 shoes and was a size 9.5 but moved up to 10 due to my wide foot. Would I get a size 10 for the cp3.7s?

    Also do the cp3.7s work with orthotics as I have a flat foot I need orthotics.

    When will the performance review be out?
    Thanks for all your help, very excited to get this shoe!!

    1. You’ll have to try them on to determine size. I cant really make that choice for you. They are in stores now so if you wanted to try them on with your ortho then thats best.

  11. Since there will be no more incoming Guard shoes to be released this last quarter of the year (kobe usually release before Christmas), is it safe to say now that this will be your #1 guard shoes? Or better the best performance shoes per your own choice or preference???

  12. i dont remember too clearly but in the video did he say that the pods were where the cushion was set up or was the cushion full length?

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