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Performance Teaser: FILA Spaghetti

Performance Teaser FILA Spaghetti 1

Playing in shoes like this makes me realize just how awesome the 90’s really were.

Performance Teaser FILA Spaghetti 2

The traction is straight beast. Nothing much more to say about it. Lace them up and play… that’s all you gotta worry about.

Performance Teaser FILA Spaghetti 3

Cushion is very low profile. Possibly lower than the Crazyquicks. I have been able to build up a nice tolerance for low profile setups as its more natural for your foot & body. Wearing shoes that are too cushioned sometimes results in a little pain for my feet so something like this isn’t bad at all. The heel is strange… it has a slight spring or bounce to it but not too much. If they had swapped the location of whatever tech is in place then that would be more widely accepted – in my opinion. But, I like the way everything feels overall.

Performance Teaser FILA Spaghetti 4

Not a bad start. I chose to play in these before the Grant Hill’s because those were very cushioned and I’d rather wait a bit before I dive into a shoe like that again.

  1. This is what ive been wanting to see i bet you love these because i know you like balling in the reebok questions however these look more playable and basketball orientated i dont like the boring designs of fila however i respect them but i happen to be in love wit this model

  2. What do you mean by this “If they had swapped the location of whatever tech is in place”? Are you saying that they should have swapped the location of the heel cushioning?

    1. Yeah because he prefers the responsiveness in the forefoot as well. I agree i hate it when they tease you and give you zoom here and zoom there it should be balanced eithe go full foam or full zoom or full air because most of the time after break in you feel it so bad the melo m9 is a good example the heel zoom is way more responsive than the forefoot same with the superfly 1 however i like the lunarlon but its just an example

  3. If these were cheaper and I could get them at the price that the Adidas retros are going for I would DEFINITELY pick up a pair without any reservations, I was a big admirer of stack’s and liked playing in the grant hills when I was younger…I still have some ill Fila shorts and tips from back in the day to go with these, too…I’ll just wait and see if they go on sale, fingers crossed, because it looks like I would fall in love with these….lower to the ground than the crazy quicks+ a sick design? These look ideal….

  4. Oh wait, I appear to have been misinformed, these are ninety dollars at fila.com, looks like I’ll have to go to a fila outlet here to see if they brought them in…

        1. We’re not in the US, and I don’t think Finishline ship internationally.

          Nightwing, any chance you could ask them if they ever plan to ship internationally?

          1. If you want to i could send some to you if you have paypal. I wbould just need you yo pay the shipping and the pay pal fees

  5. Mister Winged man of the Night…what’s your take on the shoes that Fila made for Hill? didi they had some responsability on Hill’s injury? let’s start the discussion!

    1. I think it was either Grant’s fault or his trainer’s fault. It was a playoff game and he either injured or broke/fractured his foot/ankle, then continued to play on it during that same game completely screwing it up.

      Someone correct me if I am wrong, but that is what I recall from back then. He never should have continued to play on it, but he did. Not sure who’s decision it was though – if it was Grant’s or the Detroit medical staff.

      1. I think it was his fault as well. Cant remember 100% but I think I remember his even saying that he came back too early a couple of times which prolonged everything. Once it was while he was in Orlando with TMac, that would have been a killer combo had he rehabbed correctly.

  6. Hey Nightwing, what happened to all the FILA reviews? I’m really into these shoes but would like to make an educated buy, you know, don’t have much money. Anyway, thanks for the rest of the reviews, you have really helped me a lot! Hope you can answer. 🙂

  7. Hey i though about buying these for my bball season and i was wondering are these on the heavy side as far as the weight? Or are they somewhat light?

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