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Performance Teaser: Air Jordan XX8 (28)

Now this… this is flight…

In case you are wondering, No… these have not given me the gift of flight. But it sure sounded cool…


I decided to take the Air Jordan XX8 to the most debris ridden court that’s around my area just so I could get it out of the way… you know, with the translucent soles and all. To my surprise, these had unbelievable traction…


The rubber itself is pliable but more importantly… this isn’t the typical clear rubber Jordan Brand and Nike have been using. This is more like Reebok’s translucent rubber… really grippy. I don’t think grippy is a word…


If they played this good on a dirty floor then I can only imagine how nice it’ll be on a well maintained court.

  1. They looked so good in that last picture I had a feeling the traction would be good, Im more curious on the new zoom on the foot. Is it kind of like the crazy 8s and the ball of the foot is elevated of the floor? It looks like when you stand still that you wont be flat on the floor

      1. Are you going to get another pair because Im curious about the regular solid white traction it looks crazy but id be bummed if this was somehow better or visa versa

  2. Thanks for the update. Sounds good so far. Can’t wait to see the next teaser and final review. Getting lots of questions about the shoes from other players?

  3. I know the price is steep especially up here in Canada but if these end up doing well with your review I think they would be worth it.

  4. With how fitting these shoes are, how well do you think they will work with ankle braces (Active Ankle)?
    My ball shoe selection is often limited because I wear my braces religiously, and not many of them can fit with a brace. Pretty much anything with an inner sleeve/sock gives me grief when wearing them with braces (for instance the foams).
    Really looking forward to this release but am afraid they won’t work for me, again.

  5. Too bad it didn’t give you the gift of flight. That would have been pretty useful. Still pretty surprised with how well you said the translucence did

    1. lmao, I wish it gave me the gift of flight. I was VERY surprised and happy when I stuck to the floor so well. If you look for that ‘squeak’ in your traction then this is def loud as hell.

  6. JUST A SUGGESTION: you should see how certain socks perform with this shoe, maybe like the elites vs the new jordan dri-fits, just say which one makes the shoe “feel better” sort of like the kobe’s. Just for future reviews. Anyways your reviews are coming out great and has helped me buy 3 or 4 shoes already. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  7. Hi NW.. I Hurt often my ankle so I’m looking for nice shoes With very nice support for you whose are the best between those shoes Jordan xx8 or the Jordan M9 ? I’m point guard.. Thank you for your advices !

    NW keep up !

        1. The XX8 review is not avail. so you can compare the two once the review is up. However, you will continue to have ankle issues if you don’t wear the proper footwear for yourself.

          1. I’m French so I have difficulties to tell what I mean but With CP VI I hurt my ankle twice so i’m looking for High shoes With good support .. You understand ? Thx for your answer so I wait the review on this one.

            Good job for your website !

        2. Seriously tho, NW has a good point. People ask what’s the best and then avoid because it’s not Nike. Hey night wing, I’ve been having mild ankle pain(no sprains or anything) because(i think its why) I’ve been playing bball every single day for about a year with almost no breaks. In not sure if my shoe lockdown is the cause or just the continuous wear off my ankle. Btw looking forward to the full review!

          1. It’s def the continuous play bruh. I got the same thing and serious shin splints no matter what shoe and I had a good collection of shoes. Your body needs rest. Soaking your feet/icing will help dramatically too.

    1. interesting, the Penny V’s, Lebron IX Elite, Lebron X, Hyperposites cost around $200, yet I don’t see people complain at all about the pricing. is JB being singled-out here?

  8. If money is no object. These have the best tech and fit. Its design that limits them. The intent to be fashionable is what hinders the XX8. (Ventilation and the material and sacrifices) that are needed to pull off what the designer desired)

  9. hey nightwing,

    I know it is too early to ask and we don’t have a proper performance review for the Jordan xx8 just as yet but from what you have experienced so far wearing those sneakers,feeling the traction on a debris as you said outdoor floor and getting know more about their tech and materials do you think they can likely top this years list or at least be within the top three places??I am not asking for a definite answer rather than a estimation before that long awaited performance review arrives…
    thanks and keep doing your wonderful thing

    a fan from Greece

    1. just a sort answer to spiros: tsekare an breis pouthena ta Adidas Rose 2.5!sigoura ayta ta xx8 otan erthoun Ellada tha nai panakriba!

  10. quite a surprise that the icy sole is working well for you. this was a legit teaser only mentioning the traction haha. cant wait for the full review NightWing, your channel helps me out at work a lot! Keep up the fantastic and educational reviews.

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