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Performance Teaser: Air Jordan XII (12) Retro


These are combat boots for basketball courts… really comfortable combat boots…


First off, these are comfortable when you wear them casually but I must say… you won’t even remotely experience what these have to offer in terms of cushion unless you run around in them. I only have one word that describes how they feel when you actually use them for what they were made for… springy.

Traction is another attribute that is pure awesomeness. Even on dusty courts they were above average… which I was somewhat surprised with.


Only one area I found an issue with and that is the circled section. I ended up slipping on a couple of cross overs due to how I plant my feet – this is where platforms found on more modern era sneakers can come in handy. Once I realized what I was doing I was able to adjust just fine and had no issues afterward.


At this point in time there is only one thing that these lack… flexibility. But if you wanted a solid all-around hoop shoe that is made with raw materials and designed with elegance then the Air Jordan XII is THAT shoe.

  1. Hey Nighwting, what do you think about the Super.Fly Lows performance wise? Do you think the patent leather is necessary? I like how they look, but I’m not sure about how they’ll perform.

  2. Back to the 96 when these came out all of my friends and classmate hated them. But after watching the “Frozen Moment” commercial everyone was like “omg i must get them!” XD
    After all these years, the XII have grow to the one of the best sneaker silhouette any designer ever wishing to achieve.
    seriously, they look good on everything. You can even suit up with them!

  3. You and I had a conversation about the XX*’s in regards to price. 250 is stupid…you said wait a while theyll go down so and so…well you were right. I need to pay more attention to the sales racks. I just went to the mall and got the 2012 for 39.99 bnib….hopefully some of these retros will go down in price too. I won the lottery for the concord bred XI’s ( I know what they are I just cant help myself) and 180 plus tax is just killin me….but your right. These are badass too. I still have my OG XII’s…
    KIRK OUT!!!!

  4. If in a normal shoe i have a size 11 and i have room in the forefoot, should i get the KD 5’s in size 11 or get it .5 size down?

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