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Performance Teaser: Air Jordan VI (6) Retro


Plenty of people think I’m crazy… not just because I’m playing in Retro Jordan’s but also because out of all the Air Jordan VI’s to choose from, I chose these.

I look at it in two ways…

1. You only live once so enjoy your time on this earth while you are still given the chance.
2. Who wouldn’t want to rock their favorite pair of AJ6’s while they play the game they love so dearly?


I think I’ve finally figured out how to manage playing with translucent outsoles… you MUST keep them as clean as possible throughout the night. This is incredibly difficult at times, especially if the court you play on is dusty, but it’s not impossible. With frequent hand wipes along with adamant usage of the Slipp-Nott Traction Mat made playing in translucent outsoles bearable. The solid rubber sections did quite well despite the flat surface and traction-less pattern so as long as you can keep up with in-game maintenance then clear outsoles shouldn’t cause such a problem… they still aren’t ideal in my eyes but you can work with it.


Materials on this pair feature a soft nubuck – I assume – along with leather. This was one of my deciding factors in playing in this colorway as well. Break-in time is something I loathe & I don’t own another pair of VI’s that feature this type of upper so the Carmines were my only option.


While the materials soften up as you play, it wasn’t too bad overall. You definitely loose some support by playing in a pair like this versus an all leather upper but it’s something that I prefer for the most part… this combination of materials works out far greater than having the entire upper full of suede or nubuck, in my opinion.


There is more but I will wait to discuss that in the next Performance Teaser. So until then… stay tuned!

  1. good choice in playing with the carmines in my opinion. i’m curious on which cw you’ll choose on the XI’s and XIII’s.

    btw, do you play with the top laces like that? what i mean is the lace going in on the outside to the inside of the shoe.

    1. Not sure which colorways yet but ill know once i get to them.

      I usually dont play with the laces like that but i forgot to re-lace them when i took them out of the box and its been working out fine so far.

  2. They are made to be worn, so go ahead and wreak havoc on the court!!! lol.
    But seriously, I don’t like the idea of deadstocking. I think all shoes are meant to be worn and creases and wears are trails of memories and they make the shoes even more beautiful to me.

  3. Trust, Money laid out for Ice Soles is a bad investment. P Yellow should never be a shoe colorway or end result from stocking. Nike need to hook up with reebok to figure out how to get it right. I jealous, you play a grip of ball. What do you prefer, Excedrin or Ibuprofin? Well thats my pregame coktail.

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