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Performance Teaser: Air Jordan V (5) Retro


Well… the Air Jordan V definitely doesn’t play as good as I remember. They aren’t horrible but when you are young you can pretty much play in anything you want without too much worry yet when you get older your needs change a bit as does your playing style.


Traction at the forefoot is actually pretty good. Just keep up with the occasional wipe to remove debris buildup and you are pretty much covered from a front to back standpoint. Hard cuts and crosses can be performed with the traction as well but the forefoot fit is pretty sloppy so while your shoe may not move around your feet will which isn’t the best combination for on-court use.


The heel is where I have an actual issue. When on a fast break or slashing hard to the basket – I strike the floor from heel to toe – I didn’t receive a firm grip to the hardwood as I had hoped. This causes some hesitation when in motion and I prefer to not have to think about my foot being planted firmly or securely when moving at a fast pace.

This issue may be caused by two things:

1.The smooth edge around the heel portion of the outsole didn’t offer much grip.
2.The translucent outsole collects dust & debris; if it were solid rubber I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be a huge issue at all.


I’ve pretty much gotten used to the minimal cushion on these older models… you sort of have to build up to it if you are used to playing in modern day sneakers. At this point in time I wouldn’t say these are bad but they aren’t as good in some areas as the Air Jordan 1-4, in my opinion.

  1. This is such a cool project. I definitely would not be able to take the beating on my feet playing with these older models after spoiling my feet playing with the Lebron and the Kobe line. As a recreational runner and a player who really likes to push the tempo to create easy buckets, I like to have a good amount of cushion so that my feet aren’t dead at the end of the game. haha my hat off to you for being able to take the abuse. haha. I hope to someday meet you at the SoleSupremacy shop. haha Bay Area!!! =p.

    1. I love cushion as well but its still fun to play in some old school Js lol.

      I need to go to Sole Supremacy soon… Been slacking. Im down for a meet whenever i go, usually avail to go fridays.

      1. I need to visit the new shop haha. wasn’t able to make it to the grand opening but making an effort to visit some time.

  2. I was on finishlines website and it looks like they have the Jordan 10 “stealth” still in stock and it looked like they had the David white Retro 1 on there too. But you should check it out!

  3. Are the translucent outsoles similar to gum outsoles? Or are they the same thing? Just a curious question.

    1. I dont get to have a fav since i go from one shoe to the next. Some of my favs this yr have been the jordan 2012, melo m8, howard 2 and the li-ning models.

  4. I actually hated playing in the 06 model at first,it seemed like the forefoot took alot of damage when ever I’d play,and my feet would be killing me after a game.Im assuming that the OG 5’s had a much softer midsole or else I dont understand how Jordan played a season in these lol By the way,I noticed you didnt figure out how to play with the lace locks in either lol

      1. Yea,I didnt feel like I could tie the shoe tight enough with the lace locks,you get a nicer fit with out them…anyone ever tell you that you kinda look like Jason “White Chocolate” Williams? lol

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