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Performance Teaser: adidas Rose 773 II

There are many similarities between the adidas Crazyquick & the Rose 773 II… but their minor differences are what set them apart from a performance standpoint.

Performance Teaser adidas Rose 773 II 2

The main difference between the two shoes is one of adidas’ main pieces of tech… the SprintFrame. There is no SprintFrame on the 773 II and to be honest… its better off for it. SprintFrame’s are unforgiving for most wearers and for every 1 person that enjoys having it in place, 9 others do not. This is not a fact mind you… just a ridiculous fictional observation… but seriously, SprintFrames can be really uncomfortable.

adidas places SprintFrame’s onto their shoes for two reasons. First, support. Second, as the shoes frame. No strobel board or traditional way of building a shoe at all. Just an upper and a midsole/outsole attached to a plastic frame. It reduces a lot of weight while adding a lot of structure/ support… but its just not needed.

These play so much smoother without the frame and there are no tight or pinching areas at all – typically found in the forefoot. On top of that… support was great. Better than in the Crazyquick due to the uppers ability to contain the foot better than the TechFit upper found on the Crazyquick.

Everything else is literally the same. Amazing traction, minimal cushion (you need to give yourself time to adjust to this but it in not a bad thing), and the next Generation Pure Motion which is probably the best thing adidas has done since signing Derrick Rose. These reminded me of when adidas would release a top tier signature sneaker for $110 and they were a joy to play in versus a $160 signature with zero tech changes implemented.

Performance Teaser adidas Rose 773 II 3

You’re going to ask me which I prefer between the two. I’ll give it to you straight up. I’d pick the Rose 773 II over any of adidas’ current models, hands down. They feel better, play just as good and they are freaking cheap… $110?!? Give me two pairs.

  1. Hi Nightwing, I purchased these shoes and to me they sucked. The shoe was comfortable but the traction was terrible. I kept slipping and the shoes overall was very disappointing. Can u tell me why my pair of the Rose 773 was so bad and the opposite of your shoe review?

  2. Will there be any royal blue colourways? Im only wondering because royal blue is what my schools main color is.

  3. Hey nightwing what would you recommend? These for $110 or the Rose 3.5 for $99? or should i wait for the SuperFly 2?

  4. You just convinced me to get these for the rotation. Sometimes you have to change it up and use a minimal setup to build yourself up. Thanks NW. Appreciate all the hard work.

  5. are these as low to the ground as the CQs are, NW? i’ve been thinking about trying the CQs since they dropped, but just can’t bring myself to do it because the price is pretty prohibitive for a shoe that doesn’t look like it’s built to last very long. these 773s look MUCH more durable in terms of construction (the upper, that is), and it’s sprintframe-less, which is really excellent. the new dwight howards are out on shelves here, too ,and they look pretty fresh, as well as being equipped with the new puremotion outsole…

  6. the review made me gain interest in these. I might get a pair, same colorway. This colorway blends well with the design.

  7. i liked these but when i tried them on in my normal size i was getting heel slippage walking…maybe ill try them on again in a half size down and see how it feels

  8. minimal cushioning, indeed. I guess the low-profile feel has its drawback. Can’t get use to it. bought performance insoles, problem solved. Traction is great, it’s light. my only gripe about the shoe is space. A sock, ankle support, and my foot. that’s all that would feet, and now with the insoles? don’t ask.

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