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Performance Teaser: adidas D Rose 4

For a minimal setup… the adidas D Rose 4 is a very well balanced performer.

Performance Teaser adidas D Rose 4 2

Traction is great and there isn’t really a need to go over it in too much detail since its so similar to past PureMotion renditions featured on the Crazyquick and Rose 773 II. The only big difference between these and the aforementioned kicks above is that these can be used outdoors without burning through them as quickly.

Performance Teaser adidas D Rose 4 3

Cushion… this is where things get interested. I personally enjoy the EVA that adidas uses in their Rose line. I also enjoy their Next Gen PureMotion but recognize that cushion with this type of setup is minimal. The Rose 4 blends the two together perfectly and you have a great balance between cushion, flex/ range of motion and court feel.

The Crazyquick and the Rose 773 II were both good but these are better and more protective. That little adiPrene crash pad in the heel is nothing to really get excited about but the entire midsole/ outsole as a whole is awesome.

Performance Teaser adidas D Rose 4 1

If you were hesitant to try the PureMotion outsole due to lack of cushion then you might want to go try on the Rose 4… they’ll give you enough cushion coupled with the best flex/ range of motion along with beastly traction. Very well balanced.

    1. It doesn’t by any means, but I did go down a half a size, I use to go up on it to get around that damn pinch you speak of, but get these are just a blessing.

      1. Much like the 772-3, the Rose 4 opens up for wings and bigs, more of a any position shoe. I love it. Even rarely having issues with previous pairs, just sliding into a shoe and letting it lock around the foot and ankle makes it superior The shoe gives great lock down, some outdoor usage, I’ve had no wear and tear in at least 12 outdoor games. It’s also a beautiful shoe. Just trying to decide, wait on the Home shoe or grab the Brenda’s.. Great shoe, Rose has blown Nike away, however I see kids and high schoolers all day not even look at the Adidas jus the KDs and LeBron’s. I often show the shoe to the highschool student or parent at work. It’s just better in nearly every way.

  1. I agree I am very grateful for the better cushion. Although I like the minimal cushion in other models your feet start hurt after a couple long games. I am also very happy to hear they would last outdoor since after using 773 2 I can no longer use anything else but the adidas traction. Again thank you Night Wing for all the work you do, looking forward for the performance review.

  2. hopefully with 4.5 they put boost insert to replace that tiny adiprene crashpad…targeted boost cushion. Why adidas wait so long…supposedly not that difficult.

  3. Hey nightwing do j plan on reviewing the Howard 4? And does it have more cushion than the previous puremotion models? Thanks

  4. The sprint frame in these works well for me, unlike the rose 3/3.5 and CQ 🙂 cant wait for the full review especially on how the materials hold up. Thank you nw for all your efforts!

    1. Which Ambassadors do you have if you don’t mind me asking? I had to choose between the 5 and 6 on ebay and I went with the newer 6. I love the cushion and design.

      1. tbh they’re both about the same set up. I dont really liek the ambassadors coz they’re chunky and low top, they dont go well for me.. if ur gunna be a low top, u gotta be sleek like a kobe else its like balling in clogs. but the cushion is good tho. forefoot zoom isn’t too responsive but the 180 air is plush. Its all down to looks really, whatever you find is better looking is your choice.

    2. Good question, they’re already out in Taiwan and china… For some reason Adidas shoes always come out much later in hk, the crazyquicks came out like two months late or something

      1. how much are they? will probably have to start saving up…i was in sneaker street two days ago and saw nothing, too

        1. 140.00 for all Roses, basically half the price of Lebrons for a lighter, more supportive shoe, a little less cushioning but its not a couch it’s a balling shoe.

    1. Both the shoes are solid man, I personal own Hyperdunks and over a Dozen Rose shoes, currently 2 pairs of 4.0’s I would wear 3’s or 3.5’s over Hyperdunks to be honest. I am not a big believer in Zoom, stay on your toes at all times, with the weather cooling down before tryouts, use the week to put some 10 pound ankle weights on each leg, work that shooting muscle, and practice, don’t be nervous- you know what you can do on that court with the ball with any pair of shoes, if you feel it’s crucial I’d say the Rose has better lockdown and traction, also it looks better with normal close. I use my Hyper series on concrete courts. I’ve put up my best numbers this year, although if you feel Zoom helps you, it helps you. A good coach is looking for muscle definition on the calf and the forearm, as well as a confidence and understanding of whatever drills he has you run in your practice, literally use the week to tip toe, with ankle weights, work on your shot during day light, practice your handles whenever. Personally, I work on cross overs at night as I know how I shoot. No unforced errors, don’t allow second chances, take good shots, make the good pass if your a guard. You know your game better than anyone here, good luck with try outs man. Again I suggest the Rose, but I am a Rose fanatic, but also like the entire Hyper Series for outdoor play, though the Rose gives you outdoor play also- so I’m saying Rose for lock down, but you gotta break your show in to show your speed, if your a big I’d probably go Hyper. For some reason I assume you are a guard.

  5. Bought it. it’s just like NW said. I have this problem where the side of heel cup (SprintFrame) actually grazing my lower ankle. the same thing happens to me with Drose 3.5. Other than that its perfect. I have wide feet but these fit really well. Comfortable, no pressure points

  6. Great review, I agree completely, with the same traction set up they are made more for outdoor courts with a tougher herringbone pattern. That’s what has lead to my enjoyment of the shoe. I missed my game shoe being my practice shoe, as you develop ideas for certain moves, then put the “court only shoe” on and find yourself unable to make it in your team shoe. With the Rose 4, I’ve exploited the tougher traction to the max. I love the feel and the next gen Pure Motion, reminds me of the T-Mac and with the Geo fit- it’s great on the ankle, also less narrow for all the people with giant feet out there lol, never heard so many complaints on a shoe’s narrowness, with the 3-3.5, these fit like the 773-2, I love the show all and all and am a shoe and predominately Rose fanatic, shoe wise I owe over dozen pairs in his 4 years with Adidas.

  7. Totally man, the earlier Rose’s and CrazyQuicks were meant mainly for indoors. After hearing Rose talk about wanting a durable long lasting shoe- this would be Adidas version of Jordan’s. I understand the revenue is far off between the two but what Derrick can accomplish and with that “underdog” status many people are hoping Rose and co will beat the Heat- it’s not like a James Harden, Westbrook, Durant, Ibaka teams-Chicago stays competitive with Miami even before Miami took a title (see 2011) You’ve really got a Lebron and Miami fan base vs a Rose/ Chicago Fan Base from the east. I do not see any western team beating either of the these teams in the finals, oh how the NBA changes.

    As far as shoes you have the Crazyquicks, Payoffs, Rose line, CrazyGhost, Crazylight/ Crazyfast. Commanders, Howard’s shoes, Josh Smith’s Lillard the RoY, and not NBA culture you have the Ghost, CrazyQuicks, Adidas Payoff, old school with the Real Deals, Crazy 8’s.- while Chicago is letting Durant and Kobe share shoes with different skins (Lebron in some cases). Chicago becoming a title contender will largerly contribute to Adidas surpassing the days of T-Mac, ect. with Damien Lillard, D Rose, John Wall, Holiday, Rubio all wearing Adidas, Adi dominates the guard, along with Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan, and wing wise a variety of players- Tony Allen, Josh Smith, the list goes on. I am sure a Nike or Jordan team could be put up to compete, but we may be looking at the snatching of the Torch by Rose taking off from CP3, Melo, Jordan. Nike- Durant, Lebron, and Kobe on top with, K Love, Kyrie, Boozer, ect. Adidas is right there, after falling out after T-Mac’s injuries. However Jordan’s still outsell all Brands Basketball Wise combined! Still my heart is with Adidas, I think Lillard Wall Rose Smith Duncan Howard is quite a squad of Adi wearers.

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