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Performance Teaser: adidas D Rose 4 Pt. 2

First time I’ve avoided completing a performance review due to liking a shoe so much I just want to pretend like I’m still testing them…

Performance Teaser adidas D Rose 4 Pt. 2 1

I dislike the materials. I’ve said this a few times and I still stand by it. Its plastic. I personally prefer leathers or a plastic that mimics leather… this doesn’t do that BUT it works so I can’t hate on it when it comes to performance. Yes, there is a small break-in period. When you first play in them you can feel the material push into the top of your toes and that isn’t too comfortable but it goes away and then each time you wear them you’ll end up liking them more and more. What I do like about the material is that containment is nearly perfect… but you can get containment that is similar with leathers too… I’ve experienced it so I know its possible.

Performance Teaser adidas D Rose 4 Pt. 2 2

Now… the back half is GeoFit and I LOVE the back half of the shoe. If you hooped in the Rose 2.5 and enjoyed the GeoFit sections featured there then you’ll cream your shorts when you lace up these guys.

Performance Teaser adidas D Rose 4 Pt. 2 3

The SprintFrame has been modified tremendously for this shoe. Each time I wear a shoe that feature a SprintFrame they fit better and better but these are the best and its because they shaved the sides of the frame off completely. With the heel and footbed still in place, support doesn’t suffer at all but by simply removing the frames sides makes these feel like a normal shoe… they finally figured out how to use the frame properly. Kudos.

Performance Teaser adidas D Rose 4 Pt. 2 4

The best D Rose shoe yet? Possibly. I love the midsole and outsole… if you took the SprintFrame, midsole and outsole of the 4 and used the upper of the 3… beast.

  1. Hey nightwing, think you could’ve gone half a size down? I usually wear a US9 but there is some dead space in the toe box.

        1. I actually had the same problem as you with a size 9 so I was wondering about the sizing as well. I’m starting to question if I’m a size 8.5 after all…

  2. I know you didnt like the top ten list but it would be so awesome if you could bring it back. It was one of the things that made you unique and i loved it so much. Don’t listen to those haters and cheers on the good work!

  3. You slacker!! Haha just kidding do what you like man if you like playing in them so much, play in them for as long as you want!

  4. Until i read your article i couldn’t figure out what the upper esp the front portion was. It felt like suede. Overall i like the fit as well!

    1. I tried these on and I do have a wide forefoot which is why I get size 8 on most of my basketball shoes like the Kobe 8 and cp3 7. However I was able to fit into a 7.5 with no problem and it fit like a glove. For me it just felt like the cushion wasn’t there. I’m sure it needs a break in period.

    1. Where would you like me to fit in the Air Jordan Project with everything I’m testing currently? lol, I’m busier than I’ve ever been and simply don’t have time to wonder off and test shoes that aren’t available when there are current models that need to be reviewed first.

  5. Hey Nightwing,

    Sorry if this question sounds stupid, but is it possible to replace the insoles with the Kobe 8 insoles?


  6. I know kickgenius didn’t think to highly of these but I tried them on and thought they were actually incredible. For a guard, this may be the best shoe on the market. The CP3 is close, the hyperdunks are really nice, but something about the overall package of the DRose 4 just makes it feel better. I’m looking forward to your view of a full performance review.

    Nightwing, could you possible state how these stack up against guard specific shoes on the market and what has been your rotation or backup shoe lately. I know last year you kept the KD V’s in hand just in case. Again, Thanks for you hard work.

  7. Hey nightwing if you have a shoe you really like for instance the LeBron 11 do you ever play in them again after the performance review? or do you just move on to other reviews

    1. I’m a big pointguard by normal period standards lol, 6’4 6’6+ wingspan. I prefer the Rose’s I wear a 13, (I do compare the Rose split to the hyperfuse of 2011) The zoom helps young guards stay on their toes, but as a point guard I would suggest Rose 4.0 or Cp3, but I like the legit ankle support given by the Geofit. It’s a opinion matter. I own all Rose’s other than the 1.5/ I also own several Hyper Series shoes- if your a penetrating guard the Rose was made for you- my job has always been defend whoever the best player is on the other team regardless of position and play the point forward, break the defense down, the Rose 4.0 is my favorite shoe in a long time as a penetrating point, that attacks multiple defenders and makes the decision to pass or shoot, which is the job of the modern point guard, as far as I know and that’s how I’ve played it for over a decade- Middle School, AAU, Varsity, College. But the shoe is up to you and your play style- I do suggest the Rose personally, again I enjoy contact, I am a power guard, or a Point Forward or Scoring-Point whatever you want to call it, I play the Point position for a lot of reasons.

  8. I can’t agree more man, its such a solid shoe- I also get to test basketball shoes with my collegiate basketball past. I play men’s league. I work in the shoe sales industry. I’m a huge fan of the Rose series, I’ve got similar strings shown in the dark Rose’s (I don’t know how you get the home shoes) anyways I put the new strings in my Rose 3.0 which, like you I like Patent Leather, ect. Growing up it was get your kicks, see how long they lasted, now it’s what works best on the hardwood, so it’s interesting to get another person’s perspective. Let me say- I agree completely I like the opened up SprintFrame- however I never had issues with the 3-3.5 but I did like the feel the 773-2 brought on, and Derrick seemed to favor it as well. All and All it’s not just a guard shoe- it is lighter than the 3.0-3.5’s by a few ounces. I’ve always loved the 2.5’s and really Adidas and D Rose’s designers took the best of the 773-2, CrazyQuicks, 3.0’s and that Geofit of the 2.5 and expanding it on the 4.0. The only shoe I could compare the Geofit ankle support of the 2.5, the lockdown from the 3.0, the lightweight the 2.5’s gave, the traction of the 773-2/ CrazyQuicks, done a bit better, more supportive and longer lasting.

    I had return cash coming from Adidas, and simply had to buy the shoe on a tight budget, come on its 140, that’s the Rose 773-2 + The Rose 4, throw in some of the socks Adidas has had on sale and your still coming out maybe even with a cleaning kit, or waterproofer before you can get the Lebron’s lol. But not just value wise- Let me say the shoe honestly competes with the Lebron shoes. People have often contributed my opinion to being a Rose fanatic/ a fan of a not ridiculously priced shoe. Pricing aside, I feel the Rose 4.0 is atleast even with Lebron’s Elites on a performance standing- which my boss does not like to hear, but I sure sell a lot of them, Kid’s run to Kobe’s Durants and of course Lebrons- parents like the price and Kids like Rose, explaining the Geofit ankle support and asking them to wear one shoe on each foot, they usually like the idea of wearing different shoes than their class mates, people like the value, okay enough of the sales approach.

    On court I’ve torched in these shoes and had amazing support on the Ankle, Back feels good, all and all the support and quality of the shoe could cost more- easy. I think Adidas and D Rose put out a fantastic shoe, I love the shoe- I’ve gone indoors and outdoors. I have no problem picking the Rose 4.0 for free vs the Lebron for free is my point. The lockdown, traction, lightweight, it’s all great. That’s my thoughts period.

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