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Performance Teaser: adidas Crazy Light 3 Pt. 2

I wasn’t liking them for a while at first but once you get adjusted its actually a nice ride.

Performance Teaser adidas Crazy Light 3 Pt. 2 2

The materials have me feeling a bit indifferent. Sometimes I like the material and other times I think its too thin and cheap. I have no issues with fit, containment or support so I can’t say that it’s bad it just doesn’t feel as if there is much substance. It’s sort of hard to explain but if you check them out in person you will know what I mean and if you play with them then you may have a better understanding… the materials aren’t bad nor do they perform negatively… they just don’t feel like $140.

Performance Teaser adidas Crazy Light 3 Pt. 2 3

However, they fixed the ventilation issue that was present on the Crazy Light 2. I was shocked that the CL2 had such little ventilation and air flow with how much mesh was used but they fused everything together so they offered almost no ventilation. These are the most well ventilated shoe since the original Crazy Light and I still hold those as the best ventilated basketball shoe of all time.

Performance Teaser adidas Crazy Light 3 Pt. 2 4

Traction is great on a clean floor and decent on a dusty floor. I wouldn’t use them outdoors, the rubber is really soft and there isn’t much of it. While the traction here isn’t bad at all, adidas really hit the nail on the head with their Crazyquick/ PureMotion traction setup which pretty much makes anything else feel inadequate in comparison.

Performance Teaser adidas Crazy Light 3 Pt. 2 1

If you’ve loved the first two Crazy Light models then you’ll really love these as they are the best version so far. Only thing the CL2 has over these is their overall traction but everything else is greater in the Crazy Light 3.

  1. I don’t think any basketball shoe will ever have the same ventilation as the original crazy light. It was all open so there was nothing restricting air flow. We can’t have it like that thought because it offers such little support.

  2. On the superfly 2, I get sort of a hot spot near my toes when the material flexes, have you noticed this on the cl 3?

  3. Don’t get me wrong, it’s justa that you don’t seen as excited as with the 773 II or other releases this year.

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