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Performance Teaser: adidas Crazy 97

Nike socks with adidas shoes?!?! Relax guys… I’m soaking wet with sweat and playing basketball, not walking down a runway.

Performance Teaser adidas Crazy 97 1

First things first… traction is great. It’s thick enough to last outdoors too so that is a huge plus. No awkward feelings while moving and you have incredible court feel since they sit so low to the ground. I’m not going to say they are the best shoe I’ve ever played in but they are definitely not the worst and they are good to go so far on-court.

Performance Teaser adidas Crazy 97 2

The fit is the only real drawback as they loosen up a little after being broken in… I’m going to put an extra insole inside to take up any dead space and that should fix all of that.

Performance Teaser adidas Crazy 97 4

I still think the adidas Crazy 8 is adidas’ best on-court performer when it comes to their Retro line, however, their older models are still a highly functional piece of footwear equipment so I wouldn’t hesitate to play in them.

      1. I agree because I have kicks in an array of colors and I don’t even bother to match anything. Seat Pleasants go with every thing lol.

  1. These actually are decent somehow…hmm. Saw a video of these…kobe’s original #8 hologram…blah blah blah….always looked like a good concept. Maybe an actual youtube video without a link to ypur website…..I’m just kidding Chris. 🙂 and relax.

  2. Not fashionable on court…you staeted on that path. Hell….I had to catch myself joining the Crimson XX8 socks with the kobe Red Boas.. (yes RED BOAS) Then using connections to get the concord XI purple white socks to play in my Concord XIs. (Retros) Note your performance review video. I went through 5″different purple concords socks before I said screw it! Go with the obes made for them. 3 quarterblack Nike socks look better on court with the better off feet Concord XI retro tuxedo shoes. Playing today and for the next 3 days in the XIX OGs (Black/Red) and XX OGs on sunday (White/Black/Red) comfortable…..looking forward to my feet sweating! (Can I give a negative score for ventilation? -10) I’m backing away from on court matching….black socks and NIKE 2 Layer is all I need.

    1. lol, yeah Ive never been one to match anything. I just always wore whatever I had… bc thats all I could afford. Only thing I ‘need’ are sleeves but even then… those dont match each other half the time let alone the entire ‘outfit’.

    1. No, I explained this more times than I can count. The way the Feet You Wear was implemented hurt my feet and made them unwearable for me. Previous foot injury which left my foot misshaped a little plus anatomically correct outsoles = a ton of pain.

  3. Were these only available through packer shoes? haven’t been able to find them elsewhere… or maybe I just suck and haven’t looked hard enough lol.

  4. I have been wearing them for a week. i am surprised how light they are for a retro.

    I think it is a packers exclusive. At least in the purple. Maybe others will get it in black and white

  5. Isn’t it the case…now that I can afford it…I’ve become a fashion guru that must be Feng Shui. (The fact that I know that term now says it all) I used to idolize Jordans on the shelves in the store. Begging for $100 shoes. I had to have moral parents. Damn Them! Still remember my friend wearing the 5s. I finally was awarded the 8s when I didn’t know from collecting. Scoffed at the moon boot lookibg 9s. Now…I decide between how many and colorways I like. My friends couldnt ‘give a shit in my urban professional league.. The best I get is…”What are those shoes?!” Then they go about playing. 🙂

  6. Night wing those Adidas crazy 97 are amazing and I rarely mismatch to get on my friends nerves but I’m always matching

  7. it’s nice too see adidas retroing almost all the feet you wear line up. i still feel real deal is the highest point of the FYW era. high performance, luxurious feel of the materials and luxurious comfort. are you going to review the real deal?

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