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Performance Teaser: adidas Crazy 8 Pt. 2


I don’t mean to sound repetitive and we have all either said or heard this many times over the last 5+ years… but, they really don’t make shoes like this anymore.


Durability is something that we all need in our shoes and unless you enjoy playing in your plastic based products that run you $150+ the Crazy 8 is made the way shoes were intended… with leather. I’m not knocking the use of synthetics, but I do prefer the real deal. The Crazy 8 reminds me of the Air Jordan XII… both of which are built like tanks.


The two images show (I’m hoping you can see it) some minor damage on the right toe in the form of a dreaded scuff. While they have taken a good beating on-court so far, they still look incredibly good. Nike’s KD3 looked great as well with its synthetic upper yet the two shoes retailed just $10 apart from one another, the key difference being that the leather upper on the Crazy 8 feels great once broken in & the KD3 remained stiff throughout the course of playing in them.

I absolutely love playing in these bad boys. Most of you have expressed your concern over the lack of lockdown you receive with the lacing system… stay tuned for the full review as I will show you something cool.

  1. Was your review on this shoe ‘tainted’ if you will especially in the traction department by the incompetent product that deserves no name of mention. Sad to see such a great and beautiful shoe be eaten alive by a wrongfully advertised product.

    On to the actual shoes:
    I love the 12s because it is such a simple and clean design. Along with the tank like feature, it is my top 3 Jordan model of all time. I really loved the crazy 8s and that comparison holds very true to the 12s that you made. Looking forward to that ‘cool trick’ you have with the lockdown fit. (Would it happen to be the runner’s knot?)

    1. I luckily completed testing prior to using that substance that deserves a name or mention lol. But i am a bit irritated that i can no longer play in them because of testing said product… However, thats the name of the game and it needed to be done.

      I dont use runners knots either lol.

  2. how much does this shoe “pack out”? They ran out of my size at the store and was wondering if going down half a size would be okay in the long run (half size up had too much wiggle room)

    1. Best thing to do is try them on. If they feel much too tight from the get go them pass. If they feel decent then tie them up as you would if you were about to play, then push your foot up the shoe to the toe as much as possible & stick your finger inside the shoe behind your heel… If your finger fits comfortably then you should be good.

  3. hey! when is the review coming up on these? i am contemplating on buying based on YOUR reviews before my size goes out of stock. lol

    1. I will be recording all the reviews tonight and will upload them one at a time before christmas.

      Honestly, the only issue is that the herringbone isnt “perfect” but it works great on clean hardwood or rough outdoor courts. I highly recommend them!

  4. Hey nightwing, im thinking about getting some of these crazy 8 and i know you said traction is perfect but is it that bad that you slipping all the time and it affects your game on court?

  5. Hi! Nightwing2303, i really want to buy this shoe this end of the month. Or the D’Lillard1. But i had bad experience in Adidas. My shoe rip on the side. Which i never experience in Nike. In Nike i want the Kyrie1. Can you help about this. I was so confused. By the way, i play outdoor.

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