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Performance Teaser: adidas adiZero Rose 2.5


We have previously covered the performance on the adidas adiZero Rose 2 and have begun the process of testing the adiZero Rose 2.5. While the differences aren’t vast by comparison, the changes made have made for an overall better shoe at this point.

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The traction is the most notable change that has made the most impact in my opinion. While the Rose 2’s featured similar traits, the 2.0 brings things down a bit with thinner and lower to the ground grooves within the rubber. In addition to this, removal of the Splatter traction along the spinal column has enhanced the overall grip you receive from every angle.

The rubber compound used is quite a bit more firm than what’s found on the adidas Crazy Light which does allow for dust and debris to slightly prohibit complete grip. It isn’t perfect by any means but it works well on dusty courts and works great on clean courts.


Another area that has been modified is the overall fit. The Rose 2’s were fairly narrow, good for me and not so good for a lot of other players. The 2.5 widens its foot bed a little which should help with some foot shapes… not all but some. The toe box does have a bit more empty space than what I usually prefer but overall the forefoot lockdown provided by the lacing structure has helped by providing me with a secure fit that isn’t compromised with foot flexing.

So far I’m a little over half way through with these and look to be complete them very soon. For those wondering what is coming next… stay tuned as the CP3.V has been completed.

  1. Have you played in the 2011 Hyperfuse lows? Terrific shoe and they’re on sale everywhere. I have played in a lot this season (LBJ9s, 2011 hyperdunks, Kobe V, Rose 2, Crazy Light, KDIII, etc) and they blew everything away.

  2. “… similar traits, the 2.0 brings things down a bit with thinner and lower to the ground grooves within the rubber.”

    Did you mean to say 2.5 there?

  3. OT:

    Bro, I’m itching to see your review of the cp3.v. I almost made up my mind about getting the adizero 2.5 but I still wanna see how the cp3.v perform because I love them too 😉

      1. Ok bro, I’ll wait for it. Actually I’m planning to get both. Your video will surely give a big impact on my decision.

  4. what happen to this website nightwing2303 and sneakerfiles.com/oncourt? i thought u have close this website for a long time already.

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