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Performance Teaser: adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low Pt. 2


The adidas Crazy Light Low is far greater than the higher cut model. However, there are some down sides.



My #1 pet peeve is a dirty court. Not only does it make for a slippery experience… its downright disgusting. If you look closely, you can see that the higher wear areas on the shoe have accumulated the most debris. This did cause some slippage even though the overall traction is very good. A quick wipe and all is well for the time being but consistently wiping is cumbersome.

No traction product can aid you in the fight against a dusty court… well; there is one… the Slipp-Nott traction mat. But with this amount of dust you’d have to step on the mat constantly which is hard to do while in the game.

I have spoken about this before but I will say it one last time, these are meant to be used indoors only. The traction is very thin and short so use outdoors will wear away the surface very quickly.


The highlighted area is where I had experienced some pinching when wearing the Crazy Light and same goes with the low. One thing that increased though is the pain with long periods of usage. Since the materials are a bit sturdier than the high, these have pressed into my toe quite a bit causing some pain. This does go away with a readjustment to the lacing but it will eventually come back later on. While playing for a 4-5 hour stretch, the last 30-45 minutes are pretty painful.

These should be fine for a typical 2 hour regulated game but anything longer than that expect some discomfort.

  1. So happy to hear that these have no stability issues! I just wished they changed the outsole rubber to a more dense one, these would be great outdoors. Speaking of lows I got one question on another sneaker, have you played in the air max lebron 9 lows yet? I am just wondering if they fit as good as the lebron 8 v2 lows which I am thinking of getting for the summer since I LOVED the V1 and V2 mids.


    1. They def should make an outdoor version. Ventilation would be of greater importance outdoors.

      Ill update on the lebron 9 low fit on the nest teaser. Want to play w them some more first.

  2. I have the mids and these shoe hurt! So no way to fix the pinch? Had to buy no soles you recommended from Sport Authority and those are a lot better than the other 2 that came with them.

  3. hey i have a question to the adizero crazylight low ….where can i order these ?? i looked everywhere but no one get the….
    so where can i order them?


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