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Performance Teaser: adidas adiPower Howard 2 Pt. 2


The adidas adiPower Howard was targeted towards a specific position on the floor; the adiPower Howard 2 however is much more versatile & has ended up becoming one of my favorite shoes at the moment.


I typically don’t go over the same category twice within the two Performance Teasers yet this sneaker warrants a second look.

The traction on a clean floor is great, this is to be expected with most traction surfaces BUT, we as consumers are not always able to play on pristine courts therefore it is very important the traction is able to keep up on a variety of court conditions.

The adiPower Howard 2 was able to keep up perfectly on one of the dirtiest of courts… the court was like a Western movie, just replace tumbleweeds with rolling dust bunnies and that’s what I had to play on. No matter what I was doing or where I wanted to go, these held up better than a lot of the shoes I have played in recently.


So far the only real issue with the shoe is the ventilation. There is no dead space within the shoe at all which is great but with the heat and moisture buildup within the upper, the synthetics get very soft… if it weren’t for the support frame under foot and the three striped ‘cage’ the material would fold under pressure.

This type of scenario usually isn’t present with a true big man but obviously is present with faster paced players such as Guards and Forwards. Is this a deal breaker? Of course not… like I stated above, these are one of my favorite shoes right now and if I didn’t have so many to review after these I would bring these with me to the courts on a daily basis.

  1. I think this might even top the Kobe 4 is my top performance shoe ever and I’m a guard who’s using a center shoe. That says alot about how good this shoe is.

    The only thing I can critique about the shoe is the ventilation. I’ve seriously thought about drilling some holes on the forefoot and side panels.

  2. I was waiting for some Jordan X’s but after ballin with these I need this ASG colorway thats how good they are, and I’m a 2-3.

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