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Performance Deals: Ektio Breakaway

This is more of a performance steal than a performance deal. If you’ve been wanting to try out the Ektio Breakaway then you can grab them in both the White/ Black & Grey/ Black colorways now at Finish Line for $40.

Performance Deals Ektio Breakaway

    1. Hey, Im in Australia. Not sure if you’re interested. But Amazon.com will send them out to Australia. But you pay full price. I got one pair and decided to get another. If you google Ektio Australia a guy in Sydney apparently has stock. But he was impossible to get a hold off via email. Apparently $70 AUD.

  1. I bought the Post Up’s before, they’re lying around in my house somewhere, and I haven’t worn them since my last ankle injury, which last like two years ago in august i think.. i think i’ll buy these, along with another pair of Nike Zoom Crusaders on finishline haha.

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