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Performance Deals: adidas Crazyquick

Well, that didn’t take long.

shortly after the adidas Rose 773 II hit retailers, the Crazyquick is placed on-sale at some really great prices… even better prices if you have coupons. Certain colorways are now available for $99.98 while others are $119.98. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

If you were interested in trying out adidas’ next generation of PureMotion – highly recommended – then grab a pair over at Finish Line and let me know what you think after you’ve tried it out.

Performance Deals adidas Crazyquick

  1. just wanted to let u know cuz i saw it on finishline! the all black super fly 2’s are on sale as well. i don’t know if it’s a error but on sale for 109.00. that’s $20s off. pretty good deal for a shoe that just came out. just wanted to let u know bro!

      1. Thank you, first time I got a shoe cheaper than with my military discount…almost makes me wonder if I could have got them to price match in the store…..DAMN YOU HINESIGHT!!!!

        Still 113.12 for this, don’t mind if I do.

  2. Hi nightwing!
    Last week I went to the outlets in San Marcos, Texas between san antonio and austin without being aware I was surprised to see the adidas tent sale, I see a lot of CQ, D-Rose 3.5, CL, CL2 and a lot of other adidas models. All sizes for men, women and boys. All the shoes $35, jerseys, shorts, pants, etc $15, those were some very good deals! The question is, How can I knowing about this special tent sales of adidas?

    1. Just sign up for the Adidas store newsletter! They email you for upcoming tent sales. The first days all shoes are $40 but the last day the drop to $20. I got adipowerhoward 3 for $20

  3. There is literally zero cushion in these shoes. If your a quick guard with strong legs, go for it. Otherwise, pass

    1. Agree. Walking around in the store was uncomfortable. I get shin splints after playing for a while even in my Lebron X so there’s no way that these would work for me.

      1. Shin splints are actually caused by a number of things. Overuse, lack of cushion, lack of flexibility in your footwear, lack of calcium etc. so it is possible the LeBron’s have something to do with your shin splints.

        1. Trust me, I know man. I been to the docs about it and everything. They started when I injured my hand and was forced to only workout my legs. Well, I’d lift with legs (leg press, squats, etc) then go play ball or play ball for hours (with a brace through the hand pain). In other words, I overused my legs…ALOT. But once I stopped doing that, the pain persisted. Even now, I barely lift with my legs and ice/rest all the time and the pain continues after playing ball or jogging. The only advice I’ve gotten so far that helps is to have proper cushion and wear the compression sleeves on my legs. I may just be screwed forever.

  4. I’ve been dealing with minor patella tendonitis(jumper’s knee) for the past couple of months. The Crazy Quicks wouldn’t seem like an ideal setup to use, but I really was taking off in the games that I played today. The court feel really is where it’s at. The impact from landings don’t really bother me even though the cushion is minimal. I would highly suggest these for the deal, but then you would have to consider the 773 II at the same price.

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