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Packer Celebrates Flagship Store Re-Opening with adidas Futurecraft 4D Giveaway

Packer reopening adidas futurecraft 4D giveaway

On Thursday night, one of New York’s liveliest and most exclusive sneaker events was actually in New Jersey at Packer.

Packer’s flagship store in Teaneck, New Jersey, is set for a grand reopening on Friday, September 21 from 1-7 PM ET. The newly designed space, which feels at least twice as big as the old shop, will feature “The Consortium4D Experience,” a collaboration between Packer, adidas, and Carbon (the company that fabricates the 4D Futurecraft midsoles).

Along with a large selection of products available in-store, the installation space celebrates adidas’ innovative process and forward thinking with an in-depth look at Carbon’s 4D printing technology. Folks can roll move around the space to learn about the applications of Carbon’s cutting edge technology and see which sneakers it will be applied to next.

Packer reopening adidas futurecraft 4D giveaway 1

Moreover, customers will get a chance to own a pair of the adidas Futurecraft 4D — for free. With any in-store purchase of $100 or more at Packer, customers will receive a numbered 4D-printed pyramid that automatically enters them in the raffle for the sneakers. It’s worth noting that winners might not get the size they want due to limited supply.

That being said, raffle winners will be drawn on Saturday, September 29, at 4 PM ET. For more information visit ps941.com.


Packer reopening adidas futurecraft 4D giveaway 2

Packer reopening adidas futurecraft 4D giveaway

Packer reopening adidas futurecraft 4D giveaway


Source: Packer Shoes

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