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Our Thoughts on Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy is out in theatres and on HBO Max right now and Chris, with help from the true audience of the movie, gives his thoughts. Nostalgia will always play a role into these kinds of things, especially with figures such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James involved. Let’s see where that leads us in the discussion.

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What’s in the video?

For many of us, the original Space Jam from 1996 is the greatest basketball childhood movie we ever had. It was literally Bugs Bunny, the hottest cartoon on earth, and Michael Jordan, the most popular athlete of that time. As if Gatorade wasn’t enough, that movie gave us all the more reason to want to be like Mike. Maybe we even practiced for the day we would play and win against the Monstars and save the world.

Well, there’s obviously a new Space Jam movie, starring LeBron James and trusty Bugs Bunny. Nostalgia may always win against proper movie mechanics. But the movie actually wasn’t that bad. Chris reminds us that this new iteration, which has the words “A New Legacy” on it , was not made for the previous generation of kids. This was made for kids now, for those who look to LeBron James just like you and I looked to Michael Jordan. Nightwing, Jr. pitches in to give us his perspective of the movie and why he loves it so much. After all, he is going to be the new legacy of basketball.

Maybe there will be a new Space Jam movie after 25 years. Maybe not. But if there will be, Nightwing, Jr. and all the other kids of his generation would be like how we are now with this 2021 version. And that’s just how nostalgia works.

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