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An Official Look at the Upcoming adidas Harden Vol 2

As more images of the adidas Harden Vol 2 appear, the more we anticipate its release so we can get them on-court.

Oh, and the Harden Vol 2 is warming up to me aesthetically. While I loved how the adidas Harden Vol 1 looked from the jump, the Harden Vol 2 is a slight departure from the first generation as adidas has decided to forego the premium leather/suede touches that nearly every colorway of the Vol 1 offered.

Instead, adidas has used a mesh toe with reinforced stitching, something the brand has been trying on the adidas Originals side of things with models like the EQT 97/17. We have yet to play in this mesh with the reinforced stitch patterns so that is something that we at WearTesters are looking forward to once the shoe releases.

Painted Boost is also making its first appearance in the Harden line with select Harden Vol 2 colorways. While we’ve seen colored Boost on the Harden LS, that is technically a lifestyle model, so it’ll be interesting to see how the painted Boost midsole holds up after some time on-court. Will it scuff or will it remain colored? We’re hoping to find out.

Enjoy these official set of images regarding the adidas Harden Vol 2 below and share your thoughts on the model in the comment section. Anything stand out to you? Are you warming up to the design or is still a bit disappointing aesthetically compared to the Harden Vol 1?

Stay tuned for performance reviews from the squad once we’re able to get our hands on the sneaker.

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  1. Still not felling these. I hope an all-black/Xeno make up can make these lookgood asI believe they will perform well.
    The new lacing system will probably solve the problem I had with heel lockdown in the first model.

  2. I start to like them but the blocking looks like kids shoes (the proportions)

    I think the Vol 1 had more appeal off court and looked like a premium shoe – so not quite sure how will this work for Vol 2

    Overall, i do like them but would want to see more normal colorways as that orange/palms one looks cheap

  3. I’m just gonna take liberties here and call the orange ones the “Hawaiian Hardens” lol. I have serious reservations about the lacing system on these. Adidas implemented that set up on the Dame 3’s and it was gimmicky trash. Hopefully this implementation works much better. I guess if you reinforce mesh enough it will keep your foot from moving around too much, so in that respect these should be fine. That looks like a pretty chunky slab of boost under there so I’m hoping for significantly better impact protection in the forefoot than the Vol1. Weight was also an issue on the vol 1’s… these need to be and look like they will be significantly lighter as there’s no leather toe cap. Lastly PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADIDAS, fix the heel slip and sizing issue in the Harden line . I’d expect sizing issues from a brand that hasn’t globally established itself, not a major player in the game. Oh and traction is always a toss up but I’d hope that that pattern sticks like dirty children’s hands.

  4. Aesthetically still not growing on me too much, unless some dope colorway drops, like the grey Duke posted on Instagram a few days ago. But in the performance side, they look like a really solid and comfy shoe, maybe better than the Vol. 1. Painted boost promises a lot of improvement in colorways.

  5. These are truly, spectacularly hideous. I’m sorry, they are…haunting. They look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado. Like a testicle with a sole.

    Only a blackout could make this shoe look ok, and even then I’m not sure. Still, if it performs great, then it doesn’t matter to me. If anything, if I ever get paralyzed in my upper body and end up on my back, I can use the heel traction to drag myself to a hospital.

  6. I really love these!!! Aesthetically it’s awesome!!! They made changes to the lacing which shouldn’t be an issue this time as was the complaint from so many in the vol1 models. Although I never bought the vol1 cuz they were always sold out in my size (13) plus the geela monster model was a Houston exclusive. I would like it to be in the 100-115(20) range vs that massive 140+. All black would be murder and Continental rubber like his ghost pepper joints would be icing on the ?

  7. these don’t have the off court vibe that the 1s had but if i see these in stores im def gonna try to lick them or at least get in a good taste test

  8. they’re just so ugly. when I saw the first fuzzy pictures I was interested but since then it looks like such a mess of nasty materials and horrible CWs. theres no saving these unless they make a version thats blacked out w/ better looking textures

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