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Nike Kobe X ‘All-Star’ – Detailed Look + Release Info

The Nike Kobe X has been a hot topic as of late, and this All-Star colorway has been spotted on eBay more times than I’d like to count.

These are not quite the same as the regular retail pairs we’ve seen, like the Blue Lagoon, as these have a mostly Fuse upper versus the mesh… there are some other things different as well, but the only performance change is the upper materials. The Kobe X looks to sport a large volume heel Zoom Air unit, looks like the 10mm units used in the Melo M8 & 9, with a Lunarlon midsole thats been hit with the Nike Free treatment. Everything is encased in TPU, similar to the CP3.VIII, but those didn’t really restrict movement at all so maybe these will share some similarities in terms of feel.

This All-Star colorway of the Kobe X will available at retailers – such as ShoePalace – starting February 14 – price tbd.

Nike Kobe X 'All-Star' - Detailed Look + Release Info 1

Nike Kobe X 'All-Star' - Detailed Look + Release Info 2

Nike Kobe X 'All-Star' - Detailed Look + Release Info 3

  1. SMFH……Not feelin these whatsoever, infact not feelin the Kobe X at all…so far anyway. These All-stars and every colorway ive seen are hideous IMO, the tongue is wayyyyyyyyy to long/big aswell as that heel-tab, and the 2-tone sole..UGH! and they want $200 for these? rya kiddin me?…LOL..And if ya guyz have seen the Elite “High-top” version, well Im not feelin those either, especially the deformed “back-heel/sock lookin thing. Im hoping the Elite Lows are sumthin I will cop?, otherewise im not spendin 1cent on the Kobe X this year! ..and ya can quote me on that! lol All MY Opinions of course.

    1. I feel the same way. These All Stars are trash. The blue lagoons are ok. The Xs just don’t stand out as good as the 9s, and I just have a feeling they won’t play as good either. But you never know. I’m only hoping the Elite Lows release and that they look good. Only then will I get a pair.

  2. I’m really feeling this CW. My last pair of Kobes were the 4’s(excellent), might get back into his line, depending on how the on court review goes.

  3. I love the way the toe is structured should give it good protection. Do woven uppers also have that similar protection that a lot of fuse uppers have in the toe region?

  4. I remember this familiar scenario around this time last year. People clowned on the Kobe 9 ASG and fast forward several months later people are searching hard for them. I think they’re going for $500 or so now. Dudes at the court give me offers, but I’m not a reseller at all.

    1. I do not know what scenario you are referring to, but I’ve never searched hard for any Kobe Bryant shoe, especially here in NYC, where his shoes sit like a fat lady on the bus.

    2. I dunno bro, im pretty sure the kobe 9’s were mega hyped, especially the NOLA all star ones. But right fully so, ive stocked up on 9’s. Just a beautiful shoe. The X’s? Looks like a sleeping pill to me.

  5. I think these or the Kylie’s are the best asg shoe. Ill probably pass on both, but for everyone that doesn’t like the in 10, be patient, bc the elite will come back in flyknit and hopefully in a low too

  6. nw do you know if its still gonna have that full length lunarlon insert. Only reason i wear kobe sis cause of that. and i really dont feel like dropping a half of a paycheck on kobes with no lunarlon when i can get lebron 11s or kobe 9s

    1. Check out the Kobe Mentality if you only want the lunarlon insert, plus a decent pair of kicks, for a decent price.

  7. look more like what would be the Zoom Crusader 2s. I think they should have kept the drop in lunarlone insert. I find it really hard to see how this show could even possibly outplay the kobe 9 lows. You never know tho this could be a performance beast and we js it don’t know it yet.

  8. Nightwing, I am playing on 4 AAU teams this spring. I need some kicks that win’t let me down. I have to get Dame 1 for one of the teams but I’m going to get either Kobe 10s or Mello 11s, which should I get?

  9. Sigh i hope the traction is as good as kobe 9
    because most of us play in dusty indoor court
    we need you nightwing

  10. These are kinda disappointing looks-wise but maybe they will be great performers. NW, looking forward to your review!

  11. I just wore it once and there is already a tear on the shoes. You’re paying big money for something of low quality. These shoes should be tested first before releasing it.

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