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Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM ‘Milksnake’ – Detailed Look & Review

I’m not sure if this is the last Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM colorway – we all thought the Blitz Blue were the last – but it is one of the most interesting.

Not quite as bright as photos suggest, the deep red upper mimics the Milk Snake’s scale pattern giving you a really cool look and blend of colors.

Take a look at the detailed look & review below and look for these to hit shelves this Saturday, July 27th, for $140.

  1. Graffitis are coming August 17th I believe, plus a weird looking royal blue colorway. There are also a bunch of TB cws that only released in the Philipines apparently, hopefully it releases in the states!

  2. mines the purp grad..cuz thats the last colorway i got hehe….my collections stuck at 4 and i’ve been missing a lot of more sick 8s! blitz blue, milkshake,etc….*sigh*

  3. saw these and the graffitis on the shelf this past weekend….both are breathtaking. too bad i don’t have the money for either right now, and they’ll probably be gone when i do. oh well, that’s life i guess.

  4. Hey nightwing,I just got myself a pair of these today (yes, it’s already july 27 in my country) and I was wondering how I can clean them without damaging the shoe material?

  5. Hi nightwing, I have this pair ordering from nike.com. However and unfortunately, my pair was messy in terms of glue. Glues mainly come out from midsoles. There is even a tiny gap between midsole and shoe itself. Do you think that I am still able to play them on court?
    or just return them back to nike.com
    Your comment is really appreciated. *if you wanna see the picture, I can send picture to you.*

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