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Nike Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2

Our Nike Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2 comparison highlights all the similarities and differences so you can decide if you want to buy the new Infinity Run 2 or stick with last year’s original Infinity Run.

Please note the Nike Infinity Run 3 is now the newest Infinity Run model. You can read the Infinity Run 3 Performance Review here.

Last year’s Nike React Infinity Run was one of the best running shoes of the year, and the Infinity Run 2 made our list of the best cheap running shoes and our list of the best stability running shoes in 2022. Some reviewers, including Jodi and I, named it our best everyday running shoe of 2020. And it released during the first week of 2020! To grab the best everyday running shoe title and then maintain it all year like that is extremely impressive.

Can the Infinity Run 2 possibly live up to the sterling reputation of its predecessor?

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Nike Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2 Sideview 1

Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2: What’s the same?

  • Cushion. The full length React midsole of the Infinity Run returns unchanged in the Infinity Run 2. That’s a good thing. The fat slab of React was the best thing about the original. And because it’s the same one used on the original, we know it lasts hundreds of miles without losing that plush React feeling.
  • Traction. The outsole is also exactly the same. It’s got full heel to toe coverage with some well-placed flex grooves in the forefoot. Again, not a bad thing. The traction is amazing in wet conditions and extremely durable. Most people got 300-400 miles out of the Infinity Run, in part because this outsole wears so slowly. Not messing with a really good thing was the right move.
  • Rocker Geometry. The rounded midsole shape returns. Nike running used it to make the heel to toe transition super smooth and it delivered. I know plenty of folks that are glad it’s back. It gives you a Vaporfly-like feeling in your daily training shoe. The Infinity Run 2 does come with the same beefy arch that bugged some people, but I think the majority of people enjoyed the extra arch support. So if it annoyed you, take note.
Nike Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2 Outsoles
  • Support. Both shoes have the same wide midsole and TPU clip. The heel clip extends from the heel to midfoot on the lateral and medial sides of the shoe. Thanks to the new, more padded upper, you won’t notice the TPU clip as much in the Infinity Run 2. You get the same great support but in a comfier package. That’s a win. The support is so good in fact that the Infinity Run 2 made our list of the best stability running shoes.
  • Offset. The original’s 9mm drop returns in the Infinity Run 2. Anything 8 to 12mm is a fairly standard running shoe offset.
  • Price. Nike kept the $160 price point the same. While $160 is on the higher side of the everyday training shoe price continuum, the Infinity Run earns those extra dollars with its performance. That said, a higher price would hurt the value prop. I’m glad Nike matched last year’s price.
Nike Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2 Sideview 2

Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2: What’s different?

  • Fit. This was where the original Infinity Run got the most complaints. In the Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2 battle, it’s why I’d choose the Infinity Run 2 as the winner. The accommodating, wide last returns. But the original’s sock-like fit doesn’t. For some people, the sock construction compromised the lockdown. I heard plenty of reports of heel slippage. Some foot shapes had the issue. Others, like myself, didn’t. The Infinity Run 2 still has a flyknit upper but the rear portion of the shoe is well-padded. There’s also flywire used for the lace loops. The flywire extends down the foot and connects to the midsole. The new lacing structure combined with the plush heel collar vastly improves the fit and lockdown. It’ll surprise me to hear reports of heel slippage in the Infinity Run 2.
Nike Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2 Sideview 3
  • Materials. Both uppers are flyknit. The Infinity Run 2 uses more padding on the tongue and collar. This prevents another occasional complaint. Wearing your socks too low in the Infinity Run invited blisters at both the top of the tongue and achilles. Again, it didn’t happen for everyone, but I’m glad it’s no longer a problem. And sticking with a flyknit upper was the right call. The toe box is still roomy and stretchy for toe splay. The flyknit also allows the Infinity Run 2 to maintain high breathability. Just like the original, the second Infinity Run will be a good summer shoe. There’s only one materials-centric item to note on the Infinity Run 2. The tongue connects directly to the upper and is mostly thin flyknit. If you pull the tongue hard, you may bust some stitches connecting the body of the tongue to the padded top. Doing so won’t ruin the shoe, but it’s a watch out. Unlike other running shoes, you don’t need to yank the tongue into place, it’s already there and can’t move much.
  • Weight. In the men’s size 10, the Infinity Run weighs 10.3 ounces and the Infinity Run 2 weighs 10.7 ounces. You get a lot of extra upper comfort for those 0.4 ounces. It’s a worthwhile trade.
Nike Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2 Sideview 4

Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2: Overall

The Nike Infinity Run vs Infinity Run 2 is a comparison of essentially the same shoe sporting different uppers. They’re both the same price and feature the same great cushioning and outsole. The upper’s fit and comfort are the big difference.

If you currently run in the original Infinity Run and don’t have issues with the fit, you don’t need to get the Infinity Run 2 right now. But, be confident that when you do end up buying the new version, it’s an upgrade.

If you, like several others, thought the original was great except for the potential collar hotspots and lockdown issues, then the Nike Infinity Run 2 is exactly what you want. Nike solved almost everything that bothered runners and made the entire shoe better. The more comfortable, better fitting upper is a big success. High fives for the design team.

The original Infinity Run line was the best shoe for wide footers in Nike’s line upon its release last January. With the introduction of the Infinity Run 2, it’s still a wide footer friendly, great everyday training shoe, but now it’s even better.

How to Purchase

Buy Men's Infinity Run 2 at Nike Buy Women's Infinity Run 2 at Nike Buy the Infinity Run at Nike

Thanks to Nike for sending review pairs of both the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit and Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2.

  1. Do you find the sizing to be the same or the Infinity 2 to be more true to size? I find the originals to run 1/2 size small.

    1. The Infinity 2 has more padding at the heel so I found it to fit much closer to true to size than the original.

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