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Nike Hyperfuse 2013 – Another Look

Here is another detailed look at an upcoming Nike Hyperfuse 2013 colorway.

Definitely the best looking since the original – not the heel tab, just the overall shape – and will likely perform well like the previous renditions as well.

Nike’s Hyperfuse like is always a great option for outdoor players so if you need something durable, this is it.

Nike Hyperfuse 2013 - Another Look 1

Nike Hyperfuse 2013 - Another Look 2


Via Rakuten

    1. I posted their tech specs and a dismantled version of the shoe in previous posts. Just use the search bar at the top right corner and enter Hyperfuse 2013 and you’ll find the posts. Good info is available there.

  1. You know what, I like the heel tab, it just adds some character to the shoe that really isn’t there anywhere else. If you don’t like them, don’t like them, these shoes will always go down in my mind as the “Dinosaur” version, and that is all that matters. Don’t be hating on the extra spice.

    1. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with nightwing not liking the heel tab. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just like you liking the heel tab. So I don’t think there’s any hate going on. Honestly I like the look of the shoe too.

      1. Sorry, I did not know that my comment came across as negative, and I apologize. I just don’t like going down to the comments and seeing people talking about cutting it off, and saying that it is ugly. Personally I have been taught the principle “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at al.” That is the point I am trying to get across.

  2. Nightwing! Which modern shoe in your opinion has the most responsive forefoot zoom unit?? I currently am wearing the kobe 8 and I can touch a bit above the rim. I think with a responsive zoom shoe i can dunk. So what do you think?


      1. are aj 28 and superfly 2 the only ones right now with unlocked zoom? im sorry i couldn’t find any information about it on google.

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